Announced by the Chinese giant Tencent Games at the recent GamesCom 2019 event, SYNCED: Off-Planet is an upcoming co-op PvPvE shooter game made with Unreal Engine 4 and enhanced with several new technologies from Nvidia.

Taking place in a futuristic world where humanity’s mechanical and technological advancement goes wrong in the most violent way possible, leading to the entire world being dominated by cybernetic zombies. In order to survive in this apocalyptic world and eventually find a way to escape the planet, players will have to compete against one another to secure what little resources that are available.

Synced Off Planet
Try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by cybernetic zombies in SYNCED: Off-Planet

In term of gameplay, that means players will be put on a map with 2 teammates and 47 other human enemies as well as 1,500 AI-controlled cyborgs and must search for weapons, ammunition, and other resources to become the last team standing. A demo gameplay footage is available, you can check it out right below:

So, looking at the video, it’s not hard to see that SYNCED: Off-Planet bears a striking resemblance to The Division. There are also elements of many other games integrated as well, but the game seems like it does have enough originality to make it stand out as a unique title. The gameplay is not quite the squad-based shooting experience we see in The Division, nor is it full-on zombie-slaying like World War Z. And while the idea is certainly similar, it is not a dedicated battle royale either as there is a stronger emphasis on survival than killing others.

Synced Off Planet Temp 672x372
The game features elements from several other games

Each match of SYNCED (in the main game mode at least) takes about 20 minutes. You begin with some basic weapons such as pistols and are then encouraged to scour around the map for more loot. As of right now, the game doesn’t include any vehicle, so trying to outrun the horde of corrupted cyborgs isn’t much of an option here. Most of the time, the best course of action is to just simply gun them down, so having a powerful arsenal will be crucial to your success.

It is not revealed what business model SYNCED: Off-Planet will use or when it’ll become available, so do stay tuned for more updates in the future!