A game addict in Delhi is believed to have killed his parents along with his sister and made up a fake crime scene earlier this Wednesday.

Suraj, aka Sarnam Verma, 19, was arrested this Wednesday evening after allegedly committing murder 3 of his family members: his father who named Mithilesh along with his mother and a sister. After that, he messed everything up to make the house look like it was robbed.

Parents of Delhi teen murderer
The murdered parents of the game addict

The police reported that the teen appeared to not regret at all and instead keep begging for forgiveness why captured.

His dead parents and sister was incinerated on Friday. However, his other relatives didn't want the court to let him accomplish the final ritual. His uncle and cousin was took charge of it.

While investigating, the police discovered that Suraj and some of his close friends had a group on WhatsApp talking about playing truant to go out.

game addict
Suraj was said to be an online game addict

A police officer also told that Suraj was famous in his friends. They had a rented room in the neighborhood of Mehrauli with a TV and video game set. Whenever Suraj felt tired of going to school, he would spend time at that room playing a "violent online game" during class hours.

The police also interrogated his group of friends for investigation purpose.

According to this police officer, his relatives considered him as a "quiet and nice" boy. However Suraj's neighbors insisted that they frequently heard fierce quarrels and fights in his house.

Before the incident, Suraj had had some rebellious actions and behaviors toward his family.

Recently, he was scolded by his family members for flying kites during Independent Day. And that was one of the reason which made him decide to take revenge on his own family. Another reason maybe that he was blamed for his bad results in study, which also could be why he felt so tired of studying.

teen murderer's relatives
Suraj's relatives felt desperate and disappointed after the tragic deaths of his family members

According to the police officer, his father asked for his help during the building of the family's house. However, he failed to satisfy his father and he felt desperate after that.

His father finally ordered Suraj to follow a diploma in Gurgaon in civil engineering to follow his footsteps of becoming a contractor. But his bad behaviors toward studying just led to more contradiction between them.

He also expressed that he was jealous with his sister because he felt she was the favorite child of their parents. She even often told their parents about his negative lifestyle and manners.

In the night of the incident, Suraj came home and acted normally. He also rewatched the family's album til late night and then went to sleep.

After that, Suraj get up at 3, came to his parents' room with a knife and stabbed his father, whom he confessed that he hated the most, many times until he was dead. Alarmed by the noise, his mother woke up seeing the horrible scene. She tried to alert but was also stabbed once.

Suraj finally came to his sister's room. She was stabbed in the neck and died soon after that. His mother managed to come to the daughter's room but failed to save her, she even got another stab from Suraj.

In an attempt to make up false evidence, he washed his fingerprints thoroughly and messed the house up to make it look like a robbery. After that, he alerted his neighbors and acted like a victim.