Revealed at the E3 PC Gaming Show 2019, Terraria: Journey’s End will be the final update of the game, transitioning from the last 1.3.6 version. This great expansion has the developers at Re-Logic revisit basically everything. It includes hundreds of items, new gameplay features, and an above-expert difficulty. There are going to be plenty more to discover, even for the veterans of the pixel-perfect sandbox game.

Terraria: Journey's End release date

Terraria: Journey’s End is scheduled for May 16, 2020. Andrew Spinks, the founder of Terraria Re-Logic studio, made this official announcement. Moreover, the expansion will be free for all existing owners of the game, like any other previous updates. 

Terraria Journeys End Screenshot
Re-Logic Studio confirms that Terraria Journey's End will be released on 16 May 2020

Terraria: Journey's End new items

Items are crucial in Terraria, but as much of the rest of the game, your interaction with them isn’t clearly explained. Reportedly, Terraria: Journey’s End will add 800 new items – some of which will be available in your randomly-generated world or crafted.

Terraria Journeys End Release Date 900x506
Terraria Journey's End teased new items

These Items will include tools, weapons, and armor that help you stand against various evil critters. You can also combine them with others to create new, more powerful ones, or consumed to protect yourself in the blocky outside world. Adding new weapons and armors also means that we can expect to see new metal ores, bars making it into the games, along with new decor items. Acquiring them all may take you quite a long time.

Terraria: Journey's End new enemies

You can’t stay forever in the comfort of your homely abode all day; you’ll need to venture out into Terraria’s perilous world sometimes. Then, inevitably, you’re going to fight beasts and mobs that spawn around. On top of that, Re-Logic also confirmed they would be introducing new bosses to the world with Journey’s End. We don't know for sure whether new mobs will appear prior to or after the Lunar Event, but it's definitely worth the wait.

Terraria Journeys End Release Date Boss Battle
Prepare for some epic boss-fighting gameplay in Terraria Journey's End

So, get your weapons locked and loaded to prepare for some epic monster-fighting gameplay. As Terraria’s gameplay suggests, it appears to be an element of grinding to this: the more of each monster you kill, the more you can learn about them, such as the unique kind of loot each drops.

Terraria: Journey's End gameplay

For Terraria veterans looking for a worthy challenge, there will be an above-expert difficulty level. According to Re-Logic Studio, the Master Mode difficulty will be a truly nerve-wracking challenge, even for the most experienced and skilled Terrarians. Consequently, only the best of the best can successfully make it out alive, but your loot rewards will presumably be unrivaled. 

Terraria 04 13 2020
Master Mode Difficulty will be added into Terraria Journey's End

On a different note, you’ll also be able to hit the links in this Terraria: Journey’s End update. Yes, you didn’t misread that: golf is coming to Terraria. We wouldn’t have to worry too much about this feature ahead of the announcement, but it’s certainly something we should be excited to try out. If you’re comfortable with spoilers, check out the change list below for more information.

Terraria: Journey’s End updates you can expect:

  • New and enhanced weather condition effects
  • Better quality-of-life standards
  • Void Bag storage feature
  • Windy condition
  • More dishes to try
  • Emotes
  • World generation revamped
  • New biomes
  • New music
  • Diamond toilets (maybe)
Maxresdefault 4
Terraria: Journey's End will also change the UI

Sit tight and wait for Terraria: Journey’s End

And there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated Terraria: Journey’s End update. We hope this breakdown of the new content has soothed your curiosity. Keep checking back at for all the latest information.