Epic Games Store has made Batman's fans goes crazy by bringing 6 distinctive Batman games for free this week. Now, we've got some other great news here, as the Denuvo anti-tampering technology has been removed from the best among 6 free Batman games - Batman: Arkham Night.

Hence, there's no reason not to add the game to your library for free now! All of those 6 games will not be on the free shelf for too long, so you'd better be quick.

Here's the trailer of Batman: Arkham Night, which you can have a look while waiting for the download to finish:

Denuvo got removed from Batman: Arkham Night on Epic Games Store

Most of the free games that Epic Games Store gives away every week is DRM-free, which allows players to enjoy playing even when the goes offline. And to keep this tradition, the storefront has decided to rip Denuvo anti-tampering technology from this week's free game - Banman: Arkham Night as well.

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor
Epic has ripped off Denuvo out of Batman: Arkham Night

Denuvo has proved itself at some degrees for its effectiveness against piracy. However, at the same time, this technology also causes a lot of problems with many games' performance. To be more specific, a lot of video games has experienced extraordinary long load screens as well as bigger files sizes and FPS drop. Some of the most outstanding cases are Devil May Cry 5, TEKKEN 7 and Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Devil May Cry 5 New Free Dlc Gives Nero A Bunch Of
Devil May Cry 5 has a little performance issue with Denuvo

So, seeing Denuvo getting pulled out of Batman: Arkham Night is actually a very good news. Neon Gaming, a channel on Youtube mainly making comparison videos of video games, has released a new video to test the performance of both versions of the game. And not surprising, the DRM-free version runs like a beast! You can see that video below:

To be more specific, the non-Denuvo version on Epic Games Store has seen much faster loading times, as well as received several extra FPS. While the FPS doesn't matter too much, faster loading times mean you won't have to sit there staring on the dark screen forever. As a result, you will experience playing as the Capped Crusader with fewer interruptions.

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor
Enjoy diving in the night sky of Gotham City without any interruptions

About Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Night and other fives Batman games are free now on Epic Games Store, including the Lego games. To remind you, this version of Batman: Arkham Night is the latest version, which has fixed some major problems. At launch, the game was a complete mess, as it features horrible performance and can't run properly on SLI setups.

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor
Batman Arkham Night had a lot of problems at its launch

The issues were very serious, to the point that Warner Bros. has to delist the game on Steam during its sale times. That's why players hate Denuvo getting applied to this game, as it does have enough problems to work on its own. Batman: Arkham Night on Steam is still having Denuvo anti-tampering technique now if you don't know.

The Batman Arkham Night Version On Epic Games Stor
The steam version of the game sill feature Denuvo technology

Thus, Epic Games Store is the greater choice for grabbing Batman: Arkham Night at this moment. The game is free until Friday, September 27.