BSOD error always makes gamers annoyed by disturbing the game. Recently, BSOD drove a BioShock gamer crazy when he lost the world record due to this error. What a joke! He must be the unluckiest gamer of the year. But, that was just a troll of this speedrunner.

This BSOD error happens when there is trouble with the hardware. For example, it occurs when RAM, HDD, VGA, PSU doesn’t work or your PC is too hot. This error has made a lot of players in the world be haunted and get mad. But in this story, this Bioshock player made people believe he lost the world record because of this error. Check out his story and see what happened here.

Twitch Uploaded The Funny Moment On Twitter
Twitch Uploaded The Funny Moment On Twitter

BloodThunder - The Unluckiest Gamer Of the Year?

In the Games Done Quick 2020 event, the BioShock player BloodThunder lost his world record because of the annoying BSOD Error. Before the error occurred, he was doing well and had completed half of the process within only 49 minutes. With that excellent speed, BloodThunder was heading to making a new world record as the fastest BioShock runner.

The Screen Turned To Skyrim Game After Pc Crash
The Screen Turned To Skyrim Game After PC Crash

But a PC crash happened and broke everything. The crowd groaned in regret. Then, he showed the beginning of Skyrim game on the screen and made them believe he was playing it instead. When everyone thought he gave up playing BioShock and regretted the new record, it turned out to be a troll.

A Fake PC Crash

It was just a joke of BloodThunder. He said “We planned it” when the screen turned back to Bioshock game. The fake Windows crash made lots of people broke into laughter. And that isn’t the first time this player joked in his BioShock run. In 2016, he also faked an automatic PC restart for a Windows update when playing BioShock at SGDQ 2016. BloodThunder always fools audiences and makes them laugh in his games. A fake PC crash like this gave audiences lots of fun and make the event more interesting.