The PlayStation 4’s exclusive ‘Spider-Man’ is an overwhelmingly fun open world game to play. And until now, it has almost become a tradition for game developers working on open world projects to place easter eggs into the game.

For the uninitiated, easter eggs are little jokes and hidden messages within the game that players can only find when they explore the game thoroughly with a keen eye. There are plenty in Insomniac’s hit, from homages to Marvel characters like Daredevil or Iron Fist. To some ‘obscure’ characters from the comics that you might not even know or think of when you look at the easter eggs referring to them.

Kingpin's walking cane can be found in one of the displays in the museum during 'Don't Touch the Art' mission.

But from how popular Spider-Man is, most of you would think that all of the easter eggs had been discovered and all you need to do is turn to Google to get a complete list of what and where to look for?

Well, you’d be wrong.

Just a couple days earlier Elan Ruskin - Insomniac’s senior engine programmer - told everyone through Twitter about an easter egg that we had apparently missed.

Wandering around the city, you might stumble across some Orthodox Jewish NPCs (They are pretty hard to miss wearing the traditional ‘Kippah’ hat wear). Following them for a while and you would eventually find that they are no where to be found on Saturday in game. The thing is that Orthodox Jews do not go to work on Saturday because of Shabbat, a day dedicated entirely to resting in Judaism.

The game checks the system date whether it is Saturday at your place and put all ordinary commutes of Orthodox Jewish on hold for the real-life holiday.

For a game that’s already pretty detailed, it is highly amusing to see that there are even more that a community of millions had missed. It really makes us up and wonder what kind of secrets Insomniac still had in its masterpiece that we still know nothing about?

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The game may still has a lot features that we have not discovered