Video game consoles are sometimes considered collector’s items. While there are certainly millions of them out there, some limited versions are just special. In our list below we will list out some of the rarest video game consoles ever made and their general price.

10 – Pokemon Stadium N64 Battle Set

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The Nintendo 64 Stadium Battle set

This is a special set for the Nintendo 64 which contains a special “atomic purple” version of the controller, a Pokemon Stadium, a Pokemon Trainer Journal, an N64 transfer pack, and lastly, the N64 console itself.

These sets are pretty rare today, with the current eBay costs of about three hundred to five hundred dollars, the same as a modern Xbox One or PS4.

9 – “This is cool” Sega Saturn

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The "This is cool" Sega Saturn system

This console was a variant of the Transparent “Skeleton” Saturn Line. Amongst the final lines of machines to be produced, the Skeleton Saturn are recognized by their transparent outer shell. The “this is cool” variant has the aforementioned words inscribed on the top of the CD drive because of some weird reason.

Only thirty thousand of these machines were ever produced, which leads to them being valuable assets for collectors. The eBay prices for these consoles are between four hundred to seven hundred dollars.

8 – Pikachu Set for N64

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The custom Pikachu set for the N64

The N64 Pikachu variant was a promotion for the “Hey You, Pikachu” video game, sold only by a single vendor. This version of the N64 was painted vibrantly with yellow and blue, along with huge buttons shaped like Poke Balls and even a Pikachu engraved on the top.

The combo also included a voice recognition unit, a themed Pokemon watch, and the game CD itself. The eBay price of this combo is about one thousand dollars.

7 – Code Veronica Dreamcast

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The transparent Code Veronica Sega Dreamcast

The Dreamcast was a good console, however, it was pretty much eaten alive by the PlayStation 2’s success. That doesn’t stop it from having an array of good games, with one of them being Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The game was an exclusive at the time, and to promote it, SEGA has produced a special limited version of the console that’s only released in Japan. The set contains the Dreamcast machine with a unique red transparent case plus the game itself. The eBay price for this set is between $1.2k and $1.7k

6 – Red Pokemon Game Boy Micro

Ezgif 1 50a972361822
The last GameBoy ever made

This is a relatively unknown console, released back in 2005, intended to be another variant of the Game Boy Advance. However, due to poor sales, this had turned out to be the final variant of the iconic Game Boy.

There were so few made that the console is valuable enough just by itself, not counting the special version which is a Japan-exclusive. Overall, it is a red Game Boy with a Pikachu stuck on the top of the B button. The price of this Game Boy on eBay is about two thousand dollars.

5 – Nintendo 64 DD

Ezgif 1 F00b183ecc41
The rare Nintendo 64 that runs on cartridges

This is an experimental variant of the Nintendo 64 that ran on CD instead of cartridges, based on PlayStation’s CD technology. That’s the reason behind the creation of the Nintendo 64DD, which was released in Japan exclusively in 1996

However, the thing was a massive commercial failure, as the lack of a cartridge slot is a bigger problem than anyone could have expected. Due to the exclusive nature and the various failings, these machines are on the next level of rare. The eBay price of these machines should be about $2.5k to $3k, based on condition.

4 – Sega Genesis CDX

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The weird console that can run both CDs and cartridges

Another product of the CD age, with Sega trying to chase the trend without having to create a new console. The Sega Genesis CDX was a combination of two systems, the Sega CD and Genesis. This console was marketed at four hundred dollars on release, which is an unheard-of price at the time. This leads to poor sales.

The value of this console has definitely gone up with time, however, the prices are mostly based on the condition of the machine. A mint quality CDX could sell for like four or five thousand dollars.

3 – Dreamcast S.T.A.R.S Edition

Ezgif 1 2b942f5e6436
Resident Evil got a lot of exclusive edition consoles

Another Resident Evil exclusive console, the STARS Dreamcast was released only in Japan, with extremely limited quantity. The case has a blue/grey color scheme, with a special S.T.A.R.S. sticker on the top of the disc drive cover.

The whole package comes with a unique Resident Evil themed controller and a few merchandises. Due to the fact that only two hundred of these consoles were made, their value has skyrocketed. It is very hard to find this console online, however, one of them was just sold on eBay for seven thousand dollars.

2 – Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DSI XL

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If what the guy said was correct, this console would be almost one of a kind

A rare Nintendo DS that was the event prize to people who attend the Pokemon World Championship 2010 in Hawaii. Due to the extremely limited number of supply, even a 2010 version of a common console could be able to fetch a great price.

The Special DS is yellow, with various Hawaiian themed decals of Pokemon in the middle, and the symbol of the 2010 championship on the top right corner. Based on the listing, the price of that item is about seven thousand dollars.

1 – Game Boy Advance SP Gold Minish Cap

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This golden GameBoy is very limited

An exceedingly rare gold plated console, the Gold Minish Cap was the prize of a UK exclusive event in which you have to win the lotto to get. The pack contains the gold Game Boy Advance SP with a special Zelda design and The Minish Cap video game.

A mint-condition version of this console is listed on eBay at eight thousand dollars.

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