In the game Treasure Hunter Simulator, you will have the chance to start your journey towards amazing locations that were once some of the most significant places in the past. During your adventure, you will have to use your metal detectors to discover the history of those places by searching for artifacts and learn more about the story of those historical sights.

Many marvelous locations to discover

There are many locations scattered around the world, which means you will have to find a way to gain prestige through valuable and fascinating objects found in the local woods. When you combine the prestige and the required funds, you can have better equipment as well as travel expenses to even more remote and exotic locations.

It’s up to you weather keeping the artifacts in your collection or auctioning them off in order to travel further or receive better gear.

One of the many treasures in the game

Treasure Hunter Simulator is a hardcore metal detecting simulation game; it is rather a combination of simulation and arcade game. The game has developed detector mechanics that make the game very enjoyable for not only those who favor this genre but also other players as well. With its intuitive and simple gameplay elements, along with the gorgeous landscapes, without doubt, this game will not let any of you down.

Using your metal detector to explore the locations

Any peaceful meadow you come across in the game may, surprisingly, have been a brutal battleground way back in the past where important artifacts have long been forgotten.

The game’s key features:

  • Consisting of 11 beautifully handcrafted locations
  • Containing eight different types of metal detector for you to upgrade
  • More than 100 hidden artifacts
  • More than ten legendary-tiered artifacts
  • Artifacts hidden in different conditions
  • Artifacts Identification as well as collection
  • Trading Artifacts for bolster funds to earn better gear as well as travel expenses to get to remote locations

The game is going to be available for PC users (Steam) on December 6, 2018.