The infamous indie horror series, Outlast, would head into a completely new direction: Multiplayer. The next installment in the franchise, dubbed Outlast Trials, would be a survival coop involve more than one player. According to the developers, Trials’ difficulty is adaptive, which means the game could be enjoyed like the usual single-player experience. For people who prefer the structure of the previous two games, this game would also be able to accommodate.

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Outlast Trials would be much different than the previous game in the franchise. Based on the glasses, it almost looks like a VR game

Trials would not be a direct sequel to the previous entries story-wise. While it is set in the same world, the events of Outlast Trials would occur at a different time. The settings would be smack in the middle of the cold war period, in which governments are scrambling to get out new weapons of mass destruction. The player character, apparently, would be the test subject of a mysterious experiment.

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Outlast 1 has brought the studio into the spotlight

According to Red Barrels’ founder, the game is currently in early production and they are taking a lot of risks making this happen. The innate problem of the horror genre is it is incompatible with multiplayer. The existence of yet another person is more or less enough for the feelings of fear to be dissipated. More details about this title would be revealed later, except for its platforms or release date.

Outlast 2 Preacher
Outlast 2 wasn't as big a success comparing to the first one

The first Outlast game released on PC back in 2013 was quite a hit to the horror enthusiast. It came to console along with the new DLC Whistleblower the following year. Outlast 2, the sequel, was released in 2017, with a new main character and a different setting. Based on what we know about Trials, it looks like every experience of the series would be unique.

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