As announced previously, League of Legends (LoL) players with a Twitch Prime account subscription can now get the chance to claim a free loot from themselves just by simply linking their LoL account to their Twitch live streaming platform account (with Prime subscription of course).

From February 27th to April 3rd, LoL players who have a Twitch Prime account can unlock Summoner’s Crown Capsule for free. This is a high-class loot in LoL, which contains a random permanent champion skin, a ward skin, and a summoner icon. The Summoner’s Crown Capsule was first added into LoL Public Beta Environment in October last year 2018 and later on, on December 2018, it was officially added to the game. However, at first, the Summoner’s Crown Capsule only offered the players who opened them a Legendary skin shard (you can re-roll three skin shards into a random permanent skin or use orange essence to upgrade the skin shard into permanent skin).

Screenshot 1
The Summoner’s Crown Capsule

To claim the Summoner’s Crown Capsule in this giveaway offer, first thing first the players need a Twitch account which has Prime subscription. It is free and really easy to create a Twitch account. After that, of course, you have to sign up for Prime subscription for your Twitch account. Don’t worry if you are a gamer on a small budget. Prime subscription has a one-month free trial policy for everyone. That means you can register for Prime subscription without any charge for one first month. After the first month trial, you can end the subscription without any charge.

Screenshot 2
Lots of other free loot for Twitch Prime users besides LoL free loot at the moment

After having a Twitch account with Prime subscription, players need to link their Twitch account to their LoL account. After that, they can unlock the claim the Summoner’s Crown Capsule by clicking on the crown icon next to their visibility status on Twitch and clicking on the “Claim Offer” button under the LoL banner.
After claiming the offer, players can find their Summoner’s Crown Capsule in their LoL account in the crafting section in the game’s client. This offer will expire on April 3rd, so be quick and claim your Summoner’s Crown Capsule now.