Vane is an action-adventure and indie game by developer Friend & Foe. The game first came out on PS4 back in December 2018.

As for now, according to the official announcement from Friend & Foe, Vane should hit PC through Steam this month, on the 23rd to be exact. While you can get the official soundtrack for $6.99, the official game on Steam will cost $19.99.

Here's the game launch trailer:

Overview on Vane

Here’s a quick overview of the game:

Public reviews

Vane originally launched on PS4 and received lots of positive feedback from many outlets such as Eurogamer or VG247. They praised the game for its inspiring art direction, the cool human evolution theme and an evocative as well as the synthy soundtrack.

The artwork, environmental theme and soundtrack of Vane are awesome.


Much of Vane environment set in a desert, where players embark themselves in a journey to explore the land. Playing the game, players can switch between the two forms: a bird and a child to keep their adventure going.

Here, it’s time to unravel many mysteries of the land. You can explore and progress forwards through an expansive landscape with ominous caves, mysterious machinery as well as unforgiving storms. As you wander around the wasteland, the world will react to your actions, your passage and everything will evolve and develop altogether.

You can choose to play as a bird or a child.

About Friend & Foe

This game is the result of all that hard work and development by the studio Friend & Foe Games. They are a team that excels in making AAA titles like Killzone, The Last Guardian, Bionic Commando and Battlefield 3.

Making Vane, the developer wants you to have the freedom to have your own path discovering the world. Because of that, Vane turns out to be an unnerving and enigmatic game with a minimalistic environment.

Take on the journey and explore an immersive world on your own path.

The game encourages you to explore things without worrying about getting lost, all in an awesome soundtrack that worth your every penny. This release on PC will include all the changes that previously appeared on PS4. As a result, expect forgiving check-pointing, better gameplay performance, and fewer bugs while playing.

As for now, feel free to head over Steam here and add Vane to your wishlist right now!