Vikendi has finally returned to the map roster of PUBG with the release of the 7.1 update. Due to its low popularity, the map was taken out in Season 6 for a major overhaul - and since then, PUBG Corp. has been giving it a lot of attention. A lot of things have been changed compared to the original version.

They have been gathering feedback from testers in order to fix the map as well - the smaller Dino Park was enlarged into Dinoland, a much more elaborate theme park. The compound has a large railway system including nine different trains that you can ride on. There is overall less snow on Vikendi, but it is still more than what was originally planned - the testers managed to convince them to add more snow into the map.

Vikendi has finally returned - with a lot less snow

Due to the lack of snow, the unique snow bikes and snowmobiles have been removed, with motorbikes of two variants replacing them. Some smaller settlements like Tovar and Movatra have been removed, while some like Volnova and Abbey have been expanded. A new Cargo depot is also added, as people seem to love hanging out in those.

The Dino Land is a much more elaborate compound

Overall, the new and upgraded Dinoland is the center of this update. There won't be Dinosaurs, but you would still be able to play around in the theme park, including its Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster. The Reworked Vikendi would be available in 2 variants: clear and Snowy weather - the night version would come at a later date, as the devs are currently working on some visual fixes. Vikendi 2.0 might even get ported to PUBG Mobile first in order to boost the map's popularity.

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