We have been very familiar with the vast open-world map in GTV V’s San Andreas. However, Ubisoft has recently discussed the huge scale of London in their upcoming title Watch Dogs: Legion. According to Ubisoft, the London map in Watch Dogs: Legion will be larger than GTA V’s San Andreas, in terms of 1:1 recreation.

Watch Dogs: Legion
Watch Dogs: Legion, heading to major platforms next year.

Watch Dogs: Legion at E3 2019

During E3 2019, lead producer Sean Crooks of Watch Dogs: Legion mentioned the vast area that the map covers. For outermost limits, Camden from the debut gameplay is the northernmost point. Meanwhile, Shoreditch marks the furthest east of the map.

Watch Dogs: Legion
In-game London map.

At the same time, the easternmost limit being the Tower Hamlets, potentially including Canary Wharf as well as Isle of Dogs. Moving towards the south, players can come across River Thames and Brixton, with the Buckingham Palace being near the westernmost border.

Map area comparison

Thanks to the vast area of the map, the game makes sure that players can witness major tourist sights of the beautiful London, including the London Eye, the Tower Bridge as well as Regent’s Park. In case you’re wondering, Watch Dogs: Legion covers over 90km2, overtaking San Andreas’s area of 81km2.

Watch Dogs: Legion
Be ready to witness with your own eyes various famous attraction sites in London.

Of course, this is only the estimation and there are rooms for mistakes. However, even after reducing the outer borders to more densely populated areas, the world in Watch Dogs: Legion still remains larger than the vast city within GTA V.

Release date

At the same time, don’t be too worried as Watch Dogs: Legion is on its way. The game should be coming to major platforms like PS4, Xbox One and PC on Mar 6th 2020. After the official release, players could then be able to measure the map size for better map comparison.

Watch Dogs: Legion
You'll be able to play the game on your PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2020.

In general, we’ll have a lot of things to talk once more information about the game is available. For now, be patient and wait for Watch Dogs: Legion to arrive in the future.