The holiday season is finally here, both in the real world and in GTA Online. To celebrate the occasion, Rockstar has released several seasonal events aiming to bring a festive spirit to the game and community members.

Most notable amongst them is the Weazel Plaza Shootout event, which was inspired by the Die Hard movie. It has tons of rewards on offer, and if you are interested in becoming the action hero Bruce Willis, Gurugamer has you covered.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the Weazel Plaza Shootout event in GTA Online, including how to start, what rewards are available, and more!

Featured Gta Weazel Plaza Shootout
Weazel Plaza Shootout event

1. How to start the Weazel Plaza Shootout event

With the GTA Online update, the Christmas party at Weazel News was interrupted by thieves. They are trying to escape with large amounts of cash but was stopped by an LSPD helicopter on the top of the Weazel Plaza.

Players need to insert themselves in this standoff to trigger the Weazel Plaza Shootout event. Additionally, you will need to attempt it between 8 PM and 6 AM (game time), and the event will activate after being in-game for 20 minutes. Weazel Plaza is located in Rockford Hills (North Los Santos) and is a high-end apartment property.

Needless to say, players will need to be within 400 meters of the Weazel Plaza Building and get to the top of it to take down the assailants. After landing on the roof, you should see several criminals. Make sure you kill every one of them.

Weazel Plaza Shootout event rewards

To successfully complete the mission and get the rewards, Players will have to deal with both the thieves and the LSPD. Once all hostiles are defeated, there should be a WM 29 pistol on the ground near one of the dead criminal bodies. If this is your first time completing the event, you will also be rewarded with $25,000!

Players need to get on the top of the tower with a flying vehicle.

Making sure the assailants are permanently silenced will also earn you a Season’s Greetings skin for the Pistol Mk II, which can be applied at any Weapons Workshop.

The WM 29 pistol is a reference to the gun Bruce Willis used in Die Hard. Its ammo can be purchased at any Ammu-nation. It is not the worst pistol in GTA Online, but it's also not the best.

About the Weazel Plaza Shootout

All in all, the event is short, sweet, and very fun to complete. Players have been drawing parallels between the newly added mission and the late 80s action film Die Hard.

In this movie, on Christmas Eve, our hero McClane, an off-duty New York police officer, arrives in Los Angeles to visit – and reconcile with – his ex-wife at a party in her office – the fictional Nakatomi Plaza. Then a band of German terrorist attacks the plaza and take everyone hostage. When McClane kills one of them and gets a gun, they are alerted to his presence, and a merry game of cat and mouse ensues.

Choosing to honor Die Hard, one of the classic Christmas movies of all time is a very fitting way for GTA Online to wish its players a Merry Christmas!

Die Hard (1988)

2. How to catch the Gooch in GTA Online Festive Surprise

To trigger the event, just follow these steps:

  • Log in to GTA Online, join a lobby, and free-roam the map for around 45 minutes. The Gooch will spawn in any GTA Online session as long as it has a minimum of two players. Players must also have enough cash for it to mug and steal.
  • Once you see a smoky green portal open up, you will see The Gooch nearby.
  • Get out of your vehicle. The Gooch would run toward you and steal cash/snacks before running away.

Your task is to either catch or kill the Gooch to get back your stolen cash or snacks. You will get additional rewards on top of that.

The Gooch is quite fast on foot - players need to either chase it using a vehicle or snipe it with a long-range weapon. Either way, once the Gooch is down, there will be a prompt that says: "The Gooch has dropped a present for you. Collecting it for the first time will unlock a unique reward."

Walk up to the point where the Gooch has fallen - it will start disappearing as you get closer. Once it's gone, there will be a gift-wrapped box in its place. Walk up to the box to get back the stolen cash and snacks, alongside your reward.


The first time you catch up with the Gooch, you will also unlock The Gooch Mask and get an additional GTA$ 25000 bonus.

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