FIFA is a big name in the world of sports games. The series has been there since the beginning of video game industry. Electronic Arts (EA) has been really active in improving the game with bug fixes and additional features. The upcoming FIFA 20 is their latest ambitious project when adding a lot more features.

Fifa 20 Retire Character 01
FIFA 20 is just around the corner

Recently in the FIFA sub-Reddit, a screenshot showed up to tell us a new feature would be implemented in FIFA 20. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi seem to be alive and … not kicking. The two stars seem to have taken on the role of a manager and are running football clubs.

Lionel Messi

Fifa 20 Retire Character 03
How can our favorite player degenerate this much?

A picture on Twitter shows a different Lionel Messi we see every day. He is wearing some questionable pink trousers??? The Argentine superstar has decided to hang his boots and become the manager of Newcastle. He seems unhappy with his decision to lead such a below-average life.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Fifa 20 Retire Character 04
At least our Ronaldo still looks fit

The Portuguese star seems to have made the same decision as Lionel Messi. CR7 stays in Italy to take on the role of manager for Sampdoria. However, contrary to Messi, Ronaldo still looks in shape and ready to rock and roll.

Phil Jones

Fifa 20 Retire Character 05
Why would he leave the Red Devil for this?

The soul of the Red Devil faced the same fate as the two other players. Strangely enough, Phil Jones ends up leading Lille OSC in Ligue 1. Well, at least Phil Jones still looks better dressed than Messi.

Wayne Rooney

Fifa 20 Retire Character 06
Rooney seems ambitious with his manager career

Our Rooney followed the same path. He is set to take on the role of Derby County manager. The legendary England player expressed his dream is to manage Manchester United one day. Derby County would be a great start for him to earn experience in football management.

There are even more favorite characters coming up. FIFA 20 will come out this September. Stay tuned for one large surprise ahead.