Continuing the success

It has been an amazing first month for the battle royale game Apex Legends. The game has gone over the mark of 50 million unique downloads. Now it is coming for the throne of the battle royale genre. The only thing stands on Apex Legends way to the throne is Fortnite, another free-2-play game with more than 200 million players under its belt. So still a long way for Apex to the throne from its honeymoon time.

Working Hard On The Battle Pass Of Apex Legends Sa
Apex Legends - 50 million players

When comparing Apex with Fornite, we noticed that one the key feature that keeps people coming back to the Fortnite is its system of Battle Pass. While new guns, seasonal events, regular updates are also very important in the Fornite.

That also why the number of downloads had proven the quality of Apex, they still have more work to do. Especially to follow that wave of initial success and become a major player in the battle royale market on pal with Fornite,  Apex should soon set its foot in with its own Battle Pass.

2019 Roadmap

Great news for all Apex's players is that a Battle Pass system for the game has already in the work, and they said that it is planned to launch at the end of March. Last month, we have received the 2019 development road map for the game, with this road map we could see all the four Battle Pass for each season of the year. They are planning to release a Pass in March, June, September, and December.

Working Hard On The Battle Pass Of Apex Legends Sa
Twitter's post of Vince Zampella

If Respawn Entertainment able to keep up with that roadmap then we would receive that fist roadmap very soon. CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella has also confirmed on Twitter saying that it has already been four weeks since the release of the game and they are working hard on the Battle Pass.

The demand for the Battle Pass is currently very high because the community is asking for it.