The gaming industry has grown too big to be just games now. They are still fun to play and a great tool for entertainment, but they can also worth lots of money, much as a fortune. And when it comes to a large sum of money, it is no longer fun and game anymore, especially when you lose the character that you have invested more than Rs 10 crore on.

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Justice Online is a newly released MMORPG in China

Recently, in a bizarre case at Hongya County Court of Sichuan Province in China, a man sued his friend for selling his Rs 10 crore Justice Online character on the in-game market, NetEase, for about Rs 40,000. Justice Online is an online MMORPG, which in order to make your character stronger fast you need to put money in.

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You need to invest lots of money to get stronger

According to the court's report, Lou Mou spent £1 million to grow his in-game character. He gave his friend Li Mouscheng his account so his friend can grind level for him further. Mouscheng was supposed to return the account to Mou afterward but ended up selling his account for 3,888 yuan (about Rs 40,000). He explained that he has done it "by accident" due to being “dizzy from excessive gaming.”

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China is the biggest gaming market with lots of players willing to pay

The court ruled the one who bought his account to return the character to Mou and Mouscheng will have to pay 90,000 yuan (about Rs 9 lakh) as compensation for the buyer. Also, the court warned Mou to not to put too much money on online games.

Chinese has been known for a long time to have lots of "whale" (who spend lots of money on microtransactions) not only in free-to-play, pay-to-win games but also in popular games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, or PUBG.