The popularity of the Aviator slot has continued to increase among ardent casino players. This is thanks to the slot's unique features and how easy it is to learn. However, we recognize that some players are new to the Aviator game. 

Given this, we've curated this article as a beginner's guide to learning the basics of the Aviator game, including features and how the interface works to ensure players increase their chances of winning big.

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What is Aviator Slot?

Aviator is a contemporary online casino game that can be played by multiple players from different locations in real time. The main goal of the Aviator casino game is to gather odds for as long as possible while the plane is flying and then exit with your accumulated odds and winnings before the plane flies away or explodes. 

You keep accumulating odds as long as the plane is in its takeoff phase. The odds start from 1x and can rise to +200x. The longer the flight, the bigger the accumulated odds and returns. However, you will have to exit the screen before the plane finally flies away or explode to be able to get your winnings. Failure to exit before it flies away will see you lose your winnings.

Features of Aviator Game

Below are some of the unique features you'll find in the Aviator game.

Double Bet

Unlike regular casino games, where players can only bet once per session, the Aviator game allows you to place double bets in one session. 

You'll see the two buttons on the game's dashboard, allowing you to place two bets on a session. This gives you an added advantage to increase your chance of winning. However, you can still choose to place only one bet per session. The choice is up to you.

Auto Bet

Another unique feature of Aviator is the auto bet. This allows you to pre-set your bets for future sessions. You can set your auto bet for a fixed number of sessions which can be 10, 20, or even 100 sessions.

You can also set your auto bet to stop after a given condition has been met. These conditions can be to:

  • Stop auto bet when the cash in your account increases or decreases to $X amount
  • Stop auto bet when a single win surpasses $X amount
  • Stop auto bet when a certain number of sessions is reached, etc.

The options for stopping auto bets are not limited to the above-mentioned conditions. You can still choose other suitable conditions to stop your auto bet or manually cancel them.

Demo Gameplay

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Players can choose to stick to the demo version of the Aviator game and just enjoy the game without the risk of losing money. 

The demo also allows players to get acquainted with the game's principles and gather their own experience while at it before playing wagering for real money.

The interface of The Aviator Game

The layout of the Aviator game is simplistic, easy to understand and navigate even for new players. Gamers will find that the dark background makes the red plane stand out when flying. 

The odds keep increasing in real-time on the screen for as long as the plane is still flying. Odds from 1x-2x are shown in blue, while 2x-10x are violet, and odds above 10x are purple.

The number of people involved in a particular Aviator session can be seen in the left corner of the game's screen. All the columns representing active gamers are shown in lemon green, while players who have exited the game are shown in black columns.

You'll also find the buttons for an auto bet, fixed bet, and the amounts to be wagered at the bottom of the dashboard. The amount you have in your account at any given point can be seen at the top right corner of the screen.

Is Aviator a Fair Game for Beginners?

It is safe to say that the Aviator game can be enjoyed by beginners. This is because of the straightforward principles of the game. There is also a demo version that beginners can capitalize on to learn and gain needed experience before betting for real money.

Moreso, the game doesn't demand too much cash to wager as one can bet as low as $1, which won't put a lot of dent in one's account.

The available statistics on the game dashboard also give beginners the needed insight to keep track of their performance in the game. Overall, the game is tailor-made for both beginners and advanced players.


Aviator slot is an exciting way to win big in slot games; with proper strategies and practice, you will be a whale in the aviator slot in no time.