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There’s no shortage of new games entering the market each year. Indeed, according to one study, more than 10,000 new titles are released each year. Yet paradoxically, while there have never been more options out there, finding new games to play can seem like a challenge. There’s just so much choice! However, if you’re going to continue your love of gaming, then it’s important to top up your go-to classics. It just helps to keep things fresh.

In this blog, we’ll look at some tried and tested places to look when you’re in search of a new game.

Ask The Community 

There’s a huge interest in gaming and this has resulted in a thriving online community. There are a bunch of forums where you’ll find like-minded gamers, and they can provide an excellent resource for anyone looking to discover new titles. Simply head to a relevant gaming website and pose the question, “what game do you recommend for people who like [X]?’ You’ll likely receive some useful recommendations that put you on the right path. 

Not that you necessarily need to look online. If you have friends and loved ones who are gamers, then ask them. They might give you a recommendation you haven’t come across before and, if it’s a multiplayer game, you’ll have someone who can show you the ropes. 

Look for Deals

You can understand why people are hesitant to try new games. After all, they’re expensive and, oddly, few of them offer free trials that allow you to get a sense of the gameplay. You don’t want to risk spending a small fortune on a game that you don’t end up enjoying.

As such, why not look at playing games that do offer discounted play? There are more available than you might think. You could try an introductory spins deal to try your hand at online slots, for instance, or check out the special offers page on Steam. These types of deals allow you to try out new forms of gaming relatively risk-free, and there are plenty to choose from, so you’ll likely stumble upon something that you enjoy sooner or later. 

Read Gaming Publications

You can learn a lot by reading the thoughts, opinions and reviews of people who really know their stuff. In this digital age, there are plenty of gaming websites that outline the latest games on offer — and give their opinion on whether they’re worthy of your time or not. Indeed, some websites, such as the one you’re currently on, also take a dive into games from the past that you might have missed. 

Exploring Gaming Developers

Take a look at your favorite games and you’ll likely notice a trend: they came from the same group of gaming developers. If you liked what they did with one particular game, then see what other games they’ve made. This is a good method for finding under-the-radar games that may not have received much publicity or hype. 

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Look At Your App Store

If you generally only play games on your console or computer, then take a look at what’s available in your phone’s app store. Mobile games have improved significantly in recent years, plus they’ll give you a chance to experience a different type of gaming. 

Rediscover Old Favorites

Finally, remember that new doesn’t always mean better. Many people are always on the lookout for new titles. That can keep them at the forefront of all that’s popular in the gaming world, but it also means they may have forgotten about some of their old favorites.

If you have games from your past that you only played for a week some years ago, then why not dust it off and give it another spin? You might just find that it has a lot more to offer than you originally discovered. It’s a bit like listening to an old album you didn’t fully explore when it first came out, only to discover that it is, in fact, a masterpiece.