Online casinos aim to give gamblers a great game experience without needing to visit the physical location. The seamless payment method is a key factor in enriching the experience of online casino players. Over the decade, different platforms have been adopted to help gamblers make and receive funds seamlessly. However, due to the innovations in fintech, new payment platforms that offer better services are emerging.

Casino players are looking for new platforms that guarantee better solutions and reliable service. In this article, we highlight some of these new modes of transactions and why they are becoming so popular with mobile game platforms.

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Seven Payment Methods for Online Casino Games


It was born from the need to make international payments seamless and cost-effective. The Paysafecard card has evolved from a basic e-wallet to having more advanced features, which include virtual cards and barcode checkout services.

Casino players can fund their accounts by simply using their 16-digit PIN without disclosing personal information such as names, addresses, and other data. The list on shows Canadian sites that accept it. Paysafecard is established in over 40 countries globally and is adding more.


It is another popular e-wallet payment method preferred by casino players. Gamblers must first sign up for a Neteller and link it to their bank account or credit card to use the service at an online casino. Once it has been created, users can fund it with deposits using Neteller and utilize those monies to add money to their preferred providers.

The company does not disclose personal details. It also uses data encryption and 2-factor authentication to protect users' accounts. Neteller is yet to be accepted in some countries. Hence, many online casinos do not accept payments from these specific nations. You need to find out if Neteller is available in your country.


It is another e-wallet payment platform similar to Neteller and offers identical features. With Skrill, you can make deposits, withdraw funds and use them to pay for online purchases. Signing up for an account is almost identical to that of a Neteller. More than 60 percent of sites accept it. It charges relatively lower fees for deposits and international transfers. Countries that support the Skrill payment platform may not back Neteller or other e-wallet service providers like eCheck. You can find the list of eCheck casinos Canada, and the list is legit. You can't go with these recommendations.


It is a mobile payment platform owned by tech giant Google. With this, Android users can transact across multiple channels without fear of security breaches. It is easy to open a GooglePay account and add money to it.

Users whose countries allow Google Play mobile casino games can easily fund their betting account with this service.


Apple users who already use this option to subscribe to premium services can also utilize it to fund their accounts on some mobile casino apps. However, due to Apple's policy on security, users are advised to use this method only with verified apps.

More online casinos are accepting ApplePay as they seek to attract a loyal and classy fanbase. Apart from improved security, users enjoy easier and faster transfer of funds. Gamblers report quicker withdrawals than many other payment platforms.

Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrency remains one of the greatest revolutions in the 21st century. Many online casinos accept major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and stablecoins. Cryptocurrency payment options offer users faster transaction speed and relatively lower charges compared to other options.

To fund your online mobile casino account using a cryptocurrency payment option, you need to have a wallet. You can get yours by visiting exchanges like Coinbase or cryptocurrency wallet apps like TrustWallet. After setting up, you can buy cryptocurrencies using your debit card or via bank transfer. The cryptocurrency you purchased can then be used to fund your account on any online casinos that accept such payments.


Note that you can only use the crypto on sites that support the payment method. Hence, you cannot use it as a means of fund transfer in casinos where they are not authorized.

Prepaid Cards

As players find smarter ways to fund and withdraw funds from their online casino accounts, prepaid cards ease the processes. Examples of popular cards used by players include VISA, MasterCard, PayPal Prepaid MasterCard, etc.

Although many online casinos are selective about which payment platform they accept, you should be able to get one or more prepaid card options.



New payment solutions are making funds transfer on online casinos more efficient. The ease of accessing your favorite game in the comfort of your mobile device combines perfectly with better payment methods. Today, there is no excuse for not winning big while playing your favorite online mobile casino games.