Everyone knows the fantasy gameplay of Tekken 7, and everyone has their champs. But some players seem very strong and reliable in Tekken 7 due to their abilities, skills, and moves. Many people want to choose them to knock out opponents. If you love betting on Tekken 7, you will get a welcome bonus casino soon to enter in the arena.

If you want to know about the top 6 game changer players of Tekken 7, keep reading this post. Let's dig out!

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Paul Phoenix is one of the longest-running characters in the Tekken series and has been a fan favorite since its release.

He is an easygoing character with fantastic moves. Paul focuses heavily on his punches, kicks, and throws, making him great at close-quarters combat.

His signature move is the Phoenix Smasher, which deals immense damage when connected correctly. Paul also has some unique special moves that can surprise opponents.

With his strength and speed, Paul is a force to be reckoned with in Tekken 7. If you're going to play Tekken 7, it is difficult to ignore Paul. Australia real money pokies are open for every player who wants to earn betting money.


Dragunov has many qualities that make him an exceptional fighter in Tekken 7. He is a silent killer in Tekken 7, and no one knows his next surprising move.

His agility and speed are outstanding, with several combos. He is a master at quickly dodging or countering opponent attacks. His long limbs have great reach, which gives him an advantage when engaging opponents at medium-to-long range.

Besides, his punches and kicks have mammoth power to knock down, and one can easily block them. Dragunov can string together different combinations of moves using various mix-ups, making it difficult for his opponents to predict what he will do next.

Finally, Dragunov has a variety of powerful throws and special moves that can be used to pressure or finish the match quickly.


Many people don't like Law instead of his expert abilities in marsh law. Some people consider him difficult to play. No doubt, he possesses unique martial art moves, but it is little but hard to master. This is why many people avoid choosing it. But once you master this character, you can defeat any opponent player in Tekken 7.


Kazuya Mishima is a popular character in the Tekken 7 video game franchise. He is known for his qualities of strength, agility, and technique.

His signature move is the "Mishima Style Fighting Karate," which he uses to great success against his opponents. Kazuya has an array of special moves that allow him to quickly knock out the opponent.


King is one of the most iconic characters in Tekken 7. His qualities make him stand out from other fighters on the roster. Here are two major characteristics of King that contribute to his unique presence:

  • Agility – King's quick reflexes and agility make him a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat. He can dodge attacks and rush forward with speed, making it hard for an enemy to land a hit on him.
  • Durability – King's durability makes it difficult for opponents to knock him off balance or down onto the ground with their attacks. His thick armor helps keep him upright even when he takes heavy hits from his opponents.


When it comes to Jin, things change abruptly change in the game. When opponents see Jin in rivalry, they try to choose their best players to fight with Jin.

Jin has a unique combination of speed, power, and range, making him one of Tekken 7's deadliest characters. He's fast on his feet, quickly closing gaps between himself and his opponents.

His attacks have incredible reach and considerable damage output while being relatively safe if blocked.

This makes it easy for Jin players to apply pressure by throwing out long-ranged punches and kicks. He also possesses some very powerful throws that can be used as anti-air options or when up close with an opponent. All these qualities together make Jin incredibly dangerous in the right hands!