While many gaming streamers focus on producing high-quality content via their streaming sessions on Twitch, others tend to draw the attention of the viewers due to their sexy looks or weird content. It worth noting that some of the female streamers have now created OnlyFans accounts to ‘get closer’ to their fans.

As a content subscription service, OnlyFans allows its content creators to earn money from their subscribers. The website has gained lots of interest because it provides lots of adult content and many streamers use it to sell their online nude photos. Now, let’s check out the list of three gaming streamers onlyfans accounts!


Kaitlyn Amouranth Siragura, better known as Amouranth, is a famous IRL streamer and gamer. Her Twitch account has about 17 lakh followers. Amouranth has been the lead role of multiple controversies such as Wardrobe malfunctions, promoting sex content, and more.


Speaking of her account on OnlyFans, there have been about 6400 fans and 1.25 lakh likes. It’s not hard to guess what kind of her content on this online service: explicit content, of course.

Amouranth Twitch

Jasmine Foxe

Jasminwolf, Jasmine Foxe’s account on Twitch, now attracts about 0.42 lakh followers. She is known as an IRL streamer and gamer from Australia. Jasmine Foxe is amongst the most popular female twitch streamer onlyfans at present. She also has a large number of fans on Instagram.

Jasmine Foxe
Jasmine Foxe.

As an E-girl, Jasmine Foxe appears with a bright pink wig and clothes. She has created 152 posts and had about 3700 likes on OnlyFans.


French streamer and gamer Chelxie has about 2.18 lakh Twitch followers. Additionally, she now works as a YouTuber with over 6.65 lakh subscribers. Chelxie’s gaming streams make an impression on the viewers partly due to her cheerful personality.


Chelxie Cosplay

Chelxie has rapidly gained huge attention on OnlyFans after a few months. This streamer has posted lots of videos and images on OnlyFans. Links to her TikTok account and Amazon wishlist are included.

Chelxie Streamer

Chelxie Twitch