Betting on unpopular sports is a great chance to beat the bookmaker. The choice is huge - from Olympic disciplines to exotic options like Gaelic football. Today, we’ll talk about betting on sports that are rarely remembered.

Sports Betting

What is Rare Sports Betting?

More than 80% of the total bets in South Africa are taken on four sports: football, hockey, tennis and basketball. Others are left with crumbs. But worldwide, thousands of matches occur every month at various levels.

All sporting events in the best bookmakers in South Africa line are divided into big markets (large market) and small markets (small market). The big market is the leading leagues and championships that attract the attention of the masses. And the small one is less popular sports and leagues, as well as betting on statistical indicators.

Where is it easier to beat the bookmaker? Naturally, each path has strengths and weaknesses, and no universal recipe for success exists. Everything would be simple.

Still, less popular events have some important advantages. The main thing is that, here, bookmakers make mistakes much more often when assessing probabilities. Since player interest is lower, operators must analyse such matches more carefully. If you like to conduct detailed analyses and delve into tactics with statistics, this is just what you need.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Exotic Sports

In betting on unpopular sports, the bookmaker's commission is higher than on major events. Football can be 2-4%, but in darts, table tennis or synchronised swimming, it is about 8-10 or even 15%.

The odds for a bet with two possible outcomes and the same probability, the odds will be not 1.98 but 1.90. And most likely, even less. If you succeed with $100, you will receive not $198, but $190.

The bookmaker protects itself from losses in all possible ways. The maximum bet amount on the small market is noticeably lower. And if you remain in the black for a long time, the operator will tighten the limit.

But finding inflated odds on a small market is much easier. Of course, this requires experience and knowledge. If you have been involved in one of the less popular sports, you will probably notice details that the bookmaker did not consider.

Bookmakers take quite a long time to respond to information on unpopular events. You can find important news (for example, about an injury to a key player or the coaching staff’s decision to place reserves) and bet several thousand rubles.

Remember that even a relatively small bet can greatly change the odds since the cash flow into a small market is incomparable to big markets where people bet millions.

By the way, most professional players use small markets and unpopular sports. They study the foreign press and watch and analyse matches. Therefore, they easily find bookmaker mistakes, take inflated odds and make a profit. The specialisation can be anything: statistics such as corners and outs in football, minor leagues in team sports. Or exotic disciplines.

The main thing is to find a sport or championship and take the time to study the subject in detail. And then use the acquired knowledge in bets.