It is never easy to interact with the viewers on live streams, especially when streamers can face graceless comments at any time. They tend to keep streaming as if nothing has happened, even many try to express their happiness as normal when someone gives an insult to them. That’s exactly what Miss Amna - a popular streamer has experienced in recent days. However, she finally couldn’t contain herself so that she decided to take the matter to court after a chain of offensive comments from the viewers.

Streamer 1
Streamer Amna.

A few days ago, while trying to play a recently popular game called Among Us on a live stream, the streamer soon admitted that she was a 100% newbie in this game. She didn’t know how to play it. However, an impolite viewer suddenly sent her countless insults. That lead to Amna’s decision to ban this account.

However, her move couldn’t stop this bad guy. Right after getting a ban on the live stream, he approached her private page to keep mocking. He even said that Amna shouldn’t think that she could have everything thanks to her big boobs. And her breasts were as bad as 40-year-old women’s ones.

Streamer Among Us
She suddenly received lots of insulting comments from a viewer.

No need to explain how uncomfortable the female streamer felt at that time. She tried to calm down and reminded him that he was giving her personal offenses. And he could be sued over this matter. Replying to her, the guy sent an icon of vomiting and said that she could take it to course if she wanted.

After a one-hour argument, they couldn’t still end up in peace, and the female streamer felt extremely angry. She decided to give him the last message saying that she didn’t call the police. Instead, the matter would be handled by her lawyer and filed to the local prosecution office. And both parties would soon see each other again at the court.

See Court
"I'll see you in court," she said.

At present, this incident has kept rocking the netizens. Many felt sympathetic to streamer Amna and said that such keyboard heroes deserve punishment for their offensive or insulting comments.

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