The netizens have got familiar with scandals or even sexual harassment cases streamers, especially beautiful streamers have faced on the Internet. Crazy fans may stalk these Internet personalities and find out their home addresses or phone numbers, while some terrorize them by obscene comments or donations on chat channels. In the following incident, Park Min Jung - a very beautiful streamer on AfreecaTV - has recently felt angry about crazy fans sending her a lot of dirty and vulgar pics.

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Park Min Jung may not be the only female streamer to face such disgusting incidents.

It is said that this cute streamer started a recent live stream by expressing her great anger. She frankly admitted that she has kept receiving countless impolite messages from some of her viewers. She even dejectedly stated that she has seemingly seen all d*icks in the world after revealing publicly a foreigner sent her an offensive photo with a message “For you!”

Streamer Harassed

Park Min Jung said she felt very shocked after watching the photo. It turned out that the photo showed a sensitive part of men, along with a ribbon as if it was a truly sincere present. The streamer revealed that it wasn't the first time she received such a disgusting thing. While chatting with fans, Park Min Jung admitted that she felt so sad and impotent when frequently facing such incidents.

In fact, the streaming community and the netizens have witnessed many times beautiful streamers become victims of the sexual harassment cases. Some even burst into tears or announce to quit the game on live streams. Although the platforms try to restrict this issue, they can’t apparently do more to prevent direct spams from attacking the female streamers. It definitely depends on the viewers’ behaviors.


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