Kun Aguero is a familiar name for football lovers. He’s a striker who possesses the notorious goalscoring ability in Manchester City. Like many other fellow athletes, during the months of social lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Aguero took up a new hobby, streaming.

During the lockdown, he signed up an account on Twitch to live-stream his favorite games, mostly FIFA 20. According to the audience, Aguero is not the best player. However, with his already-established reputation and outgoing personality, Aguero's stream still manages to attract 1.5 million followers, with an average audience of 30,000 - 70,000.

Kun Aguero stream
Kun Aguero takes up streaming as a new hobby during the lockdown

But the story doesn’t stop there. Because his gaming skills aren’t very good, his channel sometimes suffers from the absence of the audience. And recently, the gaming community dug up a tactic that Aguero regularly used to attract views to his channel. It’s calling his best friend, Lionel Messi, on the phone 8 times at the end of May. 

Actually, this tactic can be called "cheating", but it’s super effective. Messi's reputation is unquestionable. And not everyone has the opportunity to listen to Messi’s voice for real. So the moment Aguero called Messi on the stream, his channel skyrocketed in viewership.

kun aguero fifa4
Kun Aguero often streams FIFA online 4

Meanwhile, the innocent Messi didn’t have any idea that he was being taken advantage of. The famous footballer just answered naturally as his close friends called. A clip shows that the two stars talked for a long time about Aguero's birthday celebration in early June. Messi and Aguero both expressed regret when this year they could not celebrate it together. Although Messi was annoyed by the phone call early in the morning, he was also very happy to hear from his best friend.

Sergio "Kun" Aguero’s full name is Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero Del Castillo. The 1988-born forward currently plays for Manchester City in Premier League. He is dubbed as one of the best strikers in the history of Premier League, winning 3 championship titles in Manchester City and scoring 180 goals after nearly 10 years playing in the tournament.

Aguero Messi
Aguero and Messi are really close in real life

Aguero and Messi are also the best friends in the football world. Although not playing for the same team, the two have a very close relationship in real life as well as in the national team. Messi is the godfather to Aguero's son, whose grandfather is the legendary Maradona himself.