The trend of hiding the face on live streams seems to become one of the fastest successful methods beautiful streamers have applied. Of course, they also partly lose a chance to interact with fans, and therefore, they tend to show off their sexy bodies to unleash the madness on the Internet. So does Solhee - a hot Korean streamer on Afreeca.


Accordingly, on her latest live stream, this female streamer appeared in sexy clothes. However, it worth mentioning that Solhee stroke a unique (and weird) pose that no streamers have ever shown. It is supposed that she streamed by s smartphone, and she didn’t hesitate to lie around in bed and show off her seducing breasts. That’s not enough because she kept touching her big boobs and adjust her shirt in a bid to increase the excitement on the Internet.

Streamer 1

Right after that, her live streaming channel went viral on social networks and her name, Solhee, has immediately taken the spotlight. At the end of the clip, this streamer revealed her face and started to hide her breast; however, there were a lot of fans and viewers to record her sexy moments.

Apart from comments on her beauty or sexy breasts, there have been many criticisms saying that this female streamer has no special talent. She just used the familiar tricks to show off her body and earn as many views as possible. Many even felt concerned about the future trend in which female streamers just focus on boasting about their bodies, instead of developing attractive and unique content on live streamers.

Streamer 2

It can be undeniable that there has been a considerable increase in her views, and Solhee has drawn more attention on the Internet than ever.

Streamer 3

Streamer 4

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