In a bid to attract as many viewers as possible, many beautiful streamers love showing off their sexy bodies on live streams. However, wearing sleazy clothes sometimes goes with lots of bad lucks. Many sexy streamers have got banned after a few moments of showing their sexiness boldly.

Chinese Streamer Banned After Accidentally Revealing Breast

The hot streamer from China, Olivia, has a DouYu account with more than 35 lakh followers and nearly 10 lakh Weibo fans. She doesn’t have a beautiful face and an alluring body, but she also is good at performing sexy dances. Even player Doinb is amongst her loyal fans and often joins her duo videos.

On a late live stream, she accidentally experienced a pitiful incident when the cotton towel fell off her body, making her sensitive part exposed. Although this streamer rapidly turned the camera, her account was permanently banned.

Olivia 1

Olivia Suen

Korean Streamer Banned Due To Sexy Cosplay Clothes

Female streamers tend to choose sexy clothes on live streams with the hope to attract more viewers and boast about their hot bodies. The next incident is about a Korean streamer who was caught wearing sleazy cosplay clothes and showing off her big boobs.


Streamer Korea

During live streams, she always conducted lots of sexually enticing behaviors. The incident took place when she changed her second clothes. While bending over in front of the camera, she revealed her breast. Although the female streamer immediately covered the camera, her live streaming channel was “discolored” after a few minutes.

Korean Streamer

Korean Streamer 1

Banned Due To Sleazy Clothes, Streamer Counter-Sued The Platform

While Asian streamers love wearing scanty clothes, female streamers in western countries also know how to boast about their physical beauty on live streams. The Swedish female streamer Swebliss is known for her streams about fashion and sexy clothes on her live streams.


Swebliss 1

On a live stream in March, her daring cutoff shirt “helped” her earn a 24-hour ban from Twitch. Swebliss felt angry with the ban and decided to appeal to this platform. She even heavily criticized it for its alleged discrimination. After the ban, she has kept going live streams but on another platform.

Wearing Weird Masks, LoL Streamer Got Permanently Banned

The streamer is Nambo. She is known for her outstanding League of Legends streams and of course, her beauty. It is common for streamers to set up challenges, as well as to bet with fans in a bid to diversify her content. However, Nambo obviously got a bad bet.


After failing to win the challenge in a game, this streamer had to follow any request from the viewers. However, almost all of her viewers challenged her to wear underwear on her head. Nambo kept her promise and her live stream immediately was disconnected before banning her permanently.

Playing With Pet, Streamer Got A One-Month Ban On Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular game streaming platforms that attract millions of views a day. In the streaming community, there are also many female streamers who have both a good ability to play games and sexy bodies. That’s why this platform has a very strict policy to maintain a clean streaming environment. A moment of showing off a sexy body can lead to a permanent ban and that’s what CinCinBear experienced.

This female streamer has drawn huge attention due to her excellent gaming skills. Besides her beauty, CinCinBear often challenged herself in a variety of games as required by her fans. However, a pitiful incident took place, leading to her permanent ban after a few moments.

On her live stream, she was playing with her pet but her wide-neck shirt betrayed her. Her live stream was immediately disconnected while she was banned within one month. It was lucky that she returned to this platform after one month.


Cincinbear 1

Cincinbear 2

Cincinbear 3

Cincinbear 4

Cincinbear 5

Earning Donations By Showing Of Body, Streamer Got A Permanent Ban

Twitch is known for many very strict judgment against uncivilized behaviors on live streams. This time, the main character is streamer Pink_Sparkles. This LoL gamer, in fact, wins the hearts of fans due to her sexy look, instead of her gaming skills. On live streams, she always wore tight clothes to boast about her alluring figure.

In a bid to earn as many donations as possible, she didn’t hesitate to perform any sexy dance or gesture. On a live stream, she decided to dance “Jumping Jack” when there were 1k concurrent viewers. This move required her to jump non-stop. However, Twitch admins obviously felt uncomfortable with her dance and immediately banned her permanently.

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