It can’t be denied that in recent days, the streaming community has started to welcome beautiful hot girls on the race to gain fame. There are a lot of girls without any talent who still manage to attract a huge number of views on their live streams. Hot streamer from Korea, Coco, must be a typical exception because she definitely deserves fans’ love.


Coco now works as a popular female streamer in Korea. With a sweet and cute beauty, the girl has rapidly become a perfect goddess in the streaming community. Many may think that Coco is just like any other hot girl who moves to be a streamer to earn fame, but the truth is completely different. It turns out she has pursued this career for six years.

Accordingly, she first appeared in the streaming community in 2014 and has rapidly attracted a huge number of fans by her interesting live streams. In 2016, she was listed on the top 50 most popular streamers in Korea. In the three following years (2017 - 2019), she was the owner of the Female streamer of the year.

Coco 1

The above information proved her undeniable position in Korea’s streaming community. On her private page, Coco has also made a powerful impression on the Internet by showing off her sexy body and outstanding beauty. It’s not exaggerated to say that Coco has all factors both hot girls and female streamers want to have.

It is said that in the beginning, this streamer followed a cute style but over time, Coco has gradually changed herself to attract more fans, as well as to prove her maturity. She is caught showing her confidence in bikinis or sexy swimwear that boasts about her long legs, big boobs, a trimmer waistline, and white skin. Many fans frankly say that even when she streams in additional ten years, there must be a lot of fans on her channel.

At present, her private page has nearly 5 lakh followers and this figure must keep increasing in the upcoming time, especially when Coco’s influence has surged by day.

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