The streamer in question is nobody but Son-ming, one of the most popular female streamers in Korea at present. Speaking of the most notable thing about this girl, many may first think of her outstanding beauty.

Son Ming

The majority of her live streams focus on gossiping with her fans or performing sexy dances. It is obvious that the Korean streamer has nothing more special than other hot girls in the streaming community.

However, not long before, Son-ming surprisingly stirred up the hearts on the Internet. At that time, the 1996-born streamer revealed that her income was just as equal as normal office staff. But the netizens soon found out that Son-ming said that she is living in Gangnam - the district where only wealthy people can live. Additionally, the donations she has received is also revealed on the Internet.

Back in June last year, the total amount of her donation reached more than 50 million KRW (about Rs33.7 lakh) - an impressive number that every female streamer dreams of.

It worth mentioning that in the past, Son-ming got a long break but that didn’t mean her fans gave up on her. In fact, there was a considerable increase in the number of her fans after her return. No one knows why this streamer wins such many hearts of the viewers. Some even have a doubt that Son-ming did cosmetic surgery because her face is supposed to lack natural beauty.

Son Ming 1

A few days ago, on a live stream, Son-ming also made the viewers shocked when revealing that she used to work as a lingerie model before quitting the job to become a streamer. However, her past beauty is seemingly more gorgeous than it is now.

That’s why the netizens feel pitiful for her past beauty. It seems that working as a streamer isn’t easy at all, making her less beautiful than before.

Son Ming 2

Son Ming 3

Son Ming 4

Son Ming 5

Son Ming 6

Son Ming 7

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