It’s unimaginable what some people are willing to do for the sake of fame. Recently, a controversial video was posted and stormed the Internet. It showed the Malaysian female streamer and model by the name Mier Yap blatantly getting undressed right in the subway. 

female streamer Mier Yap subway
Mier Yap chose a revealing style to go to the subway

Known as a quite popular streamer and YouTuber, it’s hard to understand why Mier needs to do this for popularity. Although the video was censored from beginning to end, it still explicitly shows a busty girl intentionally removing her clothes in the public. On top of that, the female model was wearing only a two-stringed shirt and a thin coat. 

female streamer Mier Yap train
Mier started to do seductive poses with other passengers sitting behind

Mier became the center of attention as soon as she walked into the subway. But the story doesn’t end there. Then, Mier suddenly dropped both sides of her shirt to almost fully exposed her full and seductive breasts. What’s to note is that the female streamer and model intentionally record the whole process. The video was posted and quickly removed later. 

Though the video was in mosaic, some unique traits of Mier can still be told. They're her tattoo under the right arm, her breast size, and most importantly, Mier did upload a picture on her Instagram account with the same setting.

Mier Yap subway scandal
However, people can easily know that was Mier since she posted an Instagram picture with the same setting

The Netizen community was furious at Mier’s offensive action in the public. No one could sympathize with the ebullient incident from her side. Despite being under a lot of criticism as well as negative comments, it doesn’t seem like something that Mier too cares for. Especially since the video of the spontaneous action was shared online, her name has become hotter than ever. Her followers on social media sky-rocketed and has even reached the level of the top Malaysian hot girls.

female streamer Mier Yap censored
The video was censored before getting uploaded

However, putting all of the criticism aside, it’s undeniable that Mier is a relatively beautiful girl with a sexy figure. 

female streamer Mier Yap 1
female streamer Mier Yap 2

female streamer Mier Yap 3

female streamer Mier Yap 4

female streamer Mier Yap 5

female streamer Mier Yap 6

female streamer Mier Yap 7

female streamer Mier Yap 8

female streamer Mier Yap 9

female streamer Mier Yap10

female streamer Mier Yap11

female streamer Mier Yap 12