While the streaming industry has developed impressively, celebrities, as well as hot streamers, YouTubers, and hot girls tend to hide their private relationships. It is obvious that not all of them follow this rule but the majority choose to do like that. That’s true. Because when they gain fame due to their beauty and the number of male fans, their fans don’t want to see their idols being in a close relationship with others. That’s why a female streamer - a popular hot girl suddenly got a scandal after only one photo that was posted on her private page.

Jiajia 13

To get more specific, the main character in this story is Jia Jia - a popular hot girl and streamer in the streaming community. Things were still OK until she accidentally posted her selfie photo showing off lipsticks on her private page. However, the netizens immediately paid lots of attention to the background of the photo: both the viewers and fans realized a “hot scene” in the mirror in the photo - a completely naked guy.

Hot Streamer
The controversial pic of hot streamer Jia Jia.

Right after the shameful incident, the hot streamer immediately removed the photo but the original version was screenshot by many of her fans. What will come will come. From a common photo, the name Jia Jia rapidly went viral and her photo has been shared a lot on social networks.


This incident rapidly sparkled controversies from the netizens. Some criticized the hot girl heavily. In the past, there were many sexy streamers who suddenly got mocked and pushed aside after only one night because they accidentally revealed that they were in a close relationship. Back to Jia Jia’s incident, things seem to get worse when the guy in the mirror even wore nothing.

However, some fans still chose to protect the beautiful streamer because as they said, everyone has her own life and this incident was just by chance. They also further said that the netizens shouldn’t judge the life of others.

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