With nearly 30 lakh followers, streamer Faye has been amongst the most popular names on the Hearthstone community on the Douyu platform. Her Weibo account has attracted more than 20 lakh followers.

Faye 2

Beautiful face, sexy body, and funny personality are the three leading factors to help the 1993-born streamer win the hearts on the Internet.

Before becoming a hot streamer, Faye worked as a pro photo model and she has uploaded her sexy photos on social networks. Unlike some colleagues, she hopes that her viewers will pay a lot of attention to her gaming ability, instead of her outstanding appearance. That’s why she always sits on the top positions in the Hearthstone community.

Faye Sell Pics

However, this female streamer has recently announced to sell many USBs storing her own adult photos that were taken when she still worked as a model. Many attractive promotions are involved. No need to say how excited the netizens have felt because they are all eager to have such a USB.

Her loyal fans, however, don’t feel a lot surprised about the shocking information. It turns out that, in the past, Faye sold such adult photos many times. Meanwhile, others still hope to admire these photos that may reveal many of her sexy moments.


The female streamer also reveals that she had to visit up to two shops to buy enough amount of USBs. She also copied the whole data to these USBs on her own.

Within a few days, Faye managed to sell up to 5k USBs and earn up to Rs90 lakh. It is said that more than 2k sexy photos are saved on each USB. That’s why her fans are willing to spend a lot of money to have such a USB. They said that these photos deserve to be watched many times.

Faye 1

Faye 3

Faye 5

Faye 3

Faye 6

Faye 7

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