As of late, ‘Simp’ culture has become a hot topic on the Internet, though it has been known for a much longer time. Many female streamers like Alinity or Pokimane have 'simp' fans that are crazy over their looks. Many male internet personalities have also experienced the same thing, but the phrase is widely used to call men who being nice to a woman.

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While many people have criticized the ‘Simp’ culture, there are still some people who believe it is not entirely bad. For example, female streamer Pokimane defended her ‘simp’ fans and said that it could be obnoxious calling people ‘simps’. She also argued that using the phrase might discourage men from being nice to women on the Internet.

Just like Pokimane, popular Twitch streamer Neekolul fully supports her fans. In her recent stream, she said that “there is nothing wrong with worshipping a girl’ and has no idea why people criticize men for doing so. She even referred to ‘simp’ fans as ‘kings’. This is obviously not a popular view on the matter, as a result, Neekolul’s opinion has been criticized by multiple YouTubers. One of them is ‘ItsAGundam’, who has a rather negative take on the culture and not a friendly history with the female streamer.

Simp Neekolul
Neekolul is a popular TikTok personality and Twitch streamer. She is known for her video lip-syncing to the song "Oki Doki Boomer".

In his video, ItsAGundam explained why streamers like Neekolul are obligated to support ‘simp’ fans. You can watch the whole video here: