A few days ago, Twitch streamer CodeMiko got a long-term suspension by the famous streaming platform. Back in September 2020, she was also banned two times on the same platform.


On January 19, Twitch banned CodeMiko without any specific details, making the netizens shocked. It was said that the reason came from her using the word “simp”. However, she then revealed the true reason behind her ban on this platform.

CodeMiko posted a TwitLonger to mention her recent suspension. Accordingly, in an interview, she and another female streamer had a talk about female harassment on the Internet. She asked her colleague about her worst-ever comment and as CodeMiko said, the comment should be considered as a threat, instead of just a normal comment.

She further said that such threats aren’t usually sent via an actual email address; however, showing the screenshot in which an email address was revealed earned her a ban from Twitch.

CodeMiko now has more than 3.5 lakh Twitch followers. Her streams focus on her interviews with other streamers and she will spread their stories to the netizens.

Speaking of her latest ban, the female streamer frankly said that the incident was her mistake, although she had no intention to do that. And she accidentally violated Twitch’s Terms Of Service regarding privacy.

She further said,

"I only wanted to shine the light on harassment that streamers face and did not mean to violate terms."

She has to face a 14-day ban from Twitch, but she informed her fans that she will come back to the streaming community on Feb. 05. And her fans have no choice but to keep waiting until the ban expires.

For those unknown, CodeMiko is not a real streamer. She, in fact, is a 3D virtual streamer. According to her creator, the CodeMiko project is created to allow viewers to spend Bits on the streaming platform to interact with their streamer.

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