While the COVID-19 pandemic has kept impacting every aspect of our life, a donation has become one of the very important incomes of many streamers. It’s not exaggerated to say that some are willing to do something weird to satisfy their viewers, as well as to earn more donations. The following streamer from Afreeca TV is amongst such streamers.


On her latest live stream, the female streamer didn’t hesitate to show off the most offensive postures in the streaming history. To get more specific, she was seemingly asked by her fans to cosplay a cat because a series of her later postures from crawling, scrambling, to sitting down reminded the viewers of this kind of lovely animal. However, her mini skirt made her butt completely exposed in front of the camera, and of course, the thousands of viewers.

You may be surprised to learn that there was nothing else on that live stream. No need to interact a lot with the viewers, nothing special or notable. The female streamer just needed to show off her sexy postures to earn thousands of viewers.

Streamer 1

However, it worth mentioning that such offensive content has attracted a lot of attention and helped streamers earn huge donations from the viewers. According to a recent report, when it comes to donations, the female streamer has received about Rs8.7 lakh (13 million KRW) - a superbly impressive amount.

The incident of the streamer in question reveals to us an alarming actual situation about viewers’ demands at present. Instead of valuable or profound content, many streamers seemingly pay more attention to develop shocking, sexy, or weird content. Some content creators even say that all they do is to satisfy viewers’ demands. That’s partly true. Because if the netizens all boycott such shameful content, streamers like the girl in question will have no chance to do that.

Streamer 2

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