Becoming a streamer has now been one of the top priorities of many young people - this truth may have never been foreseen in the past. Streamers used to go live streams to play their favorite games, interact with the viewers but things have changed at present. The streams are also the ideal places for hot girls and female streamers to sell some products online. So does the following beautiful streamer. It worth mentioning that she even appeared as a lingerie model to promote her products on live streams.

Ohtto Kr

It is said that this streamer now works as a yoga tutor and a popular photo model. A beautiful face and an alluring body are the most prominent factors to help her win the hearts of the netizens. Her name is Ohtto. She has recently spent lots of time live streaming every night. No, she doesn’t stream games like other streamers. Her whole attention aims to sell products online.

However, many feel surprised at what she has sold on the Internet. As a model, Ohtto wants to introduce her products to potential customers in the friendliest way. Instead of just showing them arbitrarily, the streamer even wore these products and boasted about her hot body to her fans.

Ohtto 8

It’s rather surprising that she managed to get high appreciation from her fan community, instead of criticisms. Many even felt excited about her outstanding performance while others said that her content this time was even more interesting than her previous yoga lectures.

There have been no specific details on whether the streamer’s sales increased or not, but there has been an obvious increase in the number of followers on her private page. Furthermore, her yoga classes have attracted more students in recent days.

Ohtto 3

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Ohtto 5

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Ohtto 10

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