There are always lots of memorable incidents and weird personalities in the streaming community. Some streamers even get robbed on live streams while others may face death threats. A few days ago, a popular female streamer on Twitch also experienced a similar unforgettable incident in Germany: some drug dealers approached to sell Marijuana to her.

Streamer 2
IRL streamer Jinnytty.

Jinnytty is known as an IRL streamer on Twitch. Her favorite games include PUBG and Hearthstone. She mainly focuses on creating IRL streams and has about 404k Twitch followers.

Jinnytty has had some IRL streams about her tours around the world. Her fans may still remember some of her interesting streams. For example, on a live stream, she used to get attacked by a wild deer which then robbed her backpack.

Irl Streamer

Additionally, she experienced another notable incident in Denmark. While she conducted a live stream, an unknown passer-by suddenly gave a racist comment. The Twitch streamer immediately reacted when hearing that comment.

She said, “That was racist. You guys heard that, right? That was racist.” Her viewers sent her lots of support and donations for her frank reaction.


A few days ago, Jinnytty was conducting a live stream in Hamburg, Germany and some strangers suddenly approached her to start introducing their product. They avoided being recorded on camera and asked the streamer whether she could speak English or any other language. Jinnytty pretended that she didn’t understand what they said, as well as didn’t know what the word “ganza” (Marijuana) meant. And then, she said she didn’t need ganza and went away.

During her career as a streamer, Jinnytty has experienced lots of crazy incidents but being approached by drug dealers was the first time. Let’s watch the following video to know what happened on her live stream.


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