Wang Sicong isn’t a strange name for many people, especially fans of the world eSports community. He is famous for being the owner of Invictus Gaming (IG) whose League of Legends team won the World Championship two years ago. However, he is better known as a young master who loves throwing money in the trash, especially when he meets beautiful and sexy girls. A few days ago, he rocked the netizens when donating up to Rs5.4 crores to a hot girl - a sexy streamer with super big boobs.

Wang Sicong
Wang Sicong - the most popular young master in China.

To get more specific, ON reported that on the latest live stream, Pan Chunchun was performing a sexy dance and young master Wang Sicong suddenly joined the party and made all the viewers deeply shocked. No one knew that he fell in love with the beauty of the dance of the long-legged girl with super large boobs or for any other reason, but he rapidly spent over Rs5.4 crores buying gifts, a supercar, and even a yacht for the female streamer.

Pan Chunchun - hot girl that has received Rs5.4 crore from Wang Sicong.

With Wang Sicong’s fame, it’s not surprising that Pan Chunchun has immediately become one of the hottest searches on social networks. It is revealed that she was born in 1990 and now works as a singer, an underwear model, and a performer. Although she turns 30, the girl has drawn lots of attention due to her seducing figure.

With the super large boobs, Pan Chunchun is often considered as a successor of Lulu Gan. In the past, she used to participate in lots of boobs competitions in many places and gain impressive achievements. At present, Pan Chunchun now works as a popular actress, hot girl, streamer, and a photo model.

Chunchun Pan

Pan Chunchun started her career as a part-time model with the hope to make more money. However, her impressive boobs then helped her catch the eyes of many gaming, underwear, and lingerie brands. When becoming more popular and having a certain number of fans, she moved to the acting career. It can be undeniable that almost all of her roles are sexy girls.

Now, things have apparently been better for Pan Chunchun when she finally a hot name on social networks thanks to a simple donation from Wang Sicong.

Model Pan Chunchun


Pan Chunchun
She is also known as an actress.

Pan Chunchun Model

Streamer Pan

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