In a recent statement, Barack Obama, the former President of the United States of America says he doesn't care about Pokemon. But this is not just a statement for fun, this is to prove a certain point about voting.

ATTN has recently put together a video with the main speaker is the no other Barack Obama. In this video, he stated all the seven excuses that ordinary people often use to refuse voting. And then one by one, he shut them down.

Obama - The former President of the United States of America

Firstly, he compared the people who don’t care about voting with himself. He knew that everybody likes and dislikes something. People don’t care about voting is the same as him not caring about Pokemon. But as he said: "Look, I don't care about Pokemon, but that doesn't mean that it won't keep on coming back."

It may disappoint many people as they know that the former president doesn’t have positive feelings towards Pokemon. Many other famous programs like Dancing with the Stars and even Instagram, the app that almost every young people are now using are also on the list of Obama- not- like.

Obama says he doesn't care about Pokemon

However, these are just the example used as an encouragement for more people, especially the young people to vote. That is the only way that they can have a word and choosing the people they think as deserve for the position. The selected people will also be the representative for the thoughts, the needs and the view point of themselves.

In the U.S., the voting time will start from November 6 and the better news is that Pokemon Go has released the first Pokemon from Generation 4. Therefore, fell free add to your Pokedex while being awaits for your turn at the ballots on November 6th and time will fly, your turn to vote will come before you even know it.