There are a lot of movie genres nowadays, with a lot of big films in different genres. But the indie movie genre still has its own way to attract viewers. That is why we have gathered down here the list of 10 creative Indian indie films that really worth watching. And before we go to the list, please keep in mind that we are just listing out movies, this is not a ranking list. This list will include 10 indie movies from all kinds of movie genres, so the chance for you to find your favorite movie in this list is really high.

Let’s go to the list now:

1. Maroon

Maroon - the dark psychological thrilling indie movie

Maroon is a dark psychological thrilling indie movie, and its plot tells the story about a professor’s wife who is missing. Most of the film will happen in one house only, so you will see a lot of things inside the professor’s mind. The plot twist starts when a student of the professor coming to visit him.
Manav Kaul did an excellent job in this film, so you should not miss Maroon.

2. Sulemani Keeda

1251263 Film Bazaar
Sulemani Keeda - the comedy film about bro-mance

Sulemani Keeda is a comedy film about brotherhood. Two main characters of this film are both screenplay writers, and they are still young. The film is their story to find success in Bollywood. The plot of the film features the urban life and the chase dreams in a very realistic yet funny way. Don’t worry, the indie movie has no clichés at all, and it is charming enough that you will feel yourself relate to the characters of the film. And this film will bring you a lot of laughter, I promise.

3. Queen

Queen - the movie for you to find back the self-love

Queen somehow will make you think that this is not an Indian movie. This movie’s story does not have two people falling in love, struggling with troubles and finally living with each other happily ever after. This movie tells the story of a woman traveling around the world, and she goes on this journey because her fiancé broke up with her. This movie tells you about happiness, joys, making friends and living on your own, loving yourself. Perhaps you should give this movie a try if you have just broken up.

4. Filmistaan

Filmistaan - the movie about friendship and its capability

Filmistaan will tell you a story to prove that there are no boundaries for friendship. The story of this indie movie is about two friends, a Pakistani and an Indian, and the love for Bollywood has brought them together. Alongside the story of the movie, you will realize that there are a lot of things in this world to connect people, and true friendships know no boundaries, even territory, religion, politics …

5. Good Night Good Morning

Good Night Good Morning
Good Night Good Morning - the movie about how 2 people remain a long-distance relationship

Speaking of no boundaries, Good Night Good Morning also shows us a story of 2 people that stay connected despite living really far away from each other. There are a man and a woman, they meet at a bar for a very short time, and then they go on two different ways. The rest (and most) of the movie is about those two people taking on the phone with each other. Good Night Good Morning will offer you a new viewpoint of love and long-distance affairs.

6. Dhanak (Rainbow)

Dhanak (Rainbow)
Dhanak (Rainbow) - the movie that will show you how beautiful life is

If you are feeling down in life, check out Dhanak. This is an uplifting movie that tells the story about a brother and his sister, and this indie movie sends one big message only: life is beautiful.

7. Court

Court Poster Quad Web
Court - a painfully true picture of the prejudices and ideologies of the legal courts

Court tells a drama story, and that is a legal story. The plot of this movie is about the court trial of a social activist. This social activist spreads his message via folk music, but the people blame him and his music for the dead of a sewage worker (he kills himself). This movie tells you about prejudices and ideologies of a normal Indian court nowadays. Do you want to see the naked truth? Give this movie a try.

8. Tu Hai Mera Sunday (You Are My Sunday)

Tu Hai Mera Sunday Poster 1
Tu Hai Mera Sunday (You Are My Sunday) - the movie about friendship and how important they are

Tu Hai Mera Sunday (English name: You Are My Sunday) tells you the story of 5 friends and their real love for football. The story takes place in Mumbai, and it will lead you through everyday lives, loves, relationships, fears, struggles of these five people. This story will give you some freshness, and a reminder that sometimes, you need to take a step back from all the things of daily life to appreciate the people around you.

9. Love, Sonia

Screenshot 1
Love, Sonia - the movie about the sex-trafficking underworld

Love, Sonia does not have a love story of a boy and a girl. It is about the love story of all humanity as a whole. Sonia – the main character – has to go on a journey to save her sister, who has been sold by their father to pay off his debts. Sonia’s sister was sold to the sex-trafficking underworld, and Sonia was trapped in that world while trying to save her sister. This movie will paint a very realistic picture of the underworld, the love each human has for another. Be ready for tears because if you don’t cry watching this movie, you are truly heartless.

10. Manto

Manto - the movie about a tortured genius mind

This movie is a biographical drama about Sadat Hassan Manto. He is a writer, and he includes a lot of sexual things in his works. And he gets himself into a lot of troubles for doing that. The troubles he meets in the movie still make you feel so real and so relatable. This wonderful movie will tell you the story of a genius mind that is put under a lot of tortures. Manto will make you speechless, no doubt.