Danielle Cohn, a 15-year-old Youtuber, had a massive number of followers on social networks for her music career. However, she is attracting a great deal of interest for a different reason.

Danielle Cohn, 15-year-old youtuber

Many believed that the social media star was implying a possible pregnancy as Cohn tweeted on April 11, merely writing “8/14/19”, which was believed to be the due date. On the same day, Cohn’s boyfriend, Mikey Tua, posted a similar Tweet “Expecting 8/14/19” with the hashtag “#manibaby” appearing to back up this theory. A day later, a photo was posted on Cohn’s Instagram, showing Tua kissing her stomach, which further inflamed her rumor of pregnancy.

Screenshot 2
Tweets from Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend

A video uploaded by the couple, later on, confirmed this theory. In this video, Cohn and her boyfriend announced to their parents that they were expecting a baby, claiming that they took a positive pregnancy test four months before telling the adults.

The announcement of the two teenagers was yet to stop as on April 13, Cohn continued to post a video of their wedding on April 6 officiated by an Elvis incarnate.

In spite of those posts, many people believe that it was merely a prank although April Fool was like more than a week ago. The Youtuber is only 15 years old according to her public YouTube profile, stating that she was born on March 7, 2004. In Nevada, those under 16 need a court order so that they can get married, so the young couple can’t legally be married. Besides, many fans show concern about Cohn’s young age with her pregnancy.

Whether or not Cohn is pregnant remains unknown as there has been no response from two of them to any comments on online platforms. However, YouTube’s influencer is definitely getting more intention by far.