Johnny Peluyera from Merrillville, Indiana, USA was shot dead while selling his Xbox console last Wednesday (June 12, 2019). The 16-year-old boy and his father went to Gary, Indiana to meet the two unidentified male buyers, with whom they connected via an online sale app. The father and son followed the customers to an abandoned place to check if the Xbox console worked like it was advertised.

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Johnny Peluyera, who was shot dead for a Xbox console

When the little boy was plugging in the gaming console for the two buyers, Peluyera’s father quickly found out that one man was carrying a gun. As they quickly ran away from the house, Peluyera grabbed the console on his way out although his father told him to leave it. They made it to the car, but unfortunately, the little boy was shot. As stated by his mother, Peluyera died shortly after saying “Daddy, I’m hit,” By the time the police showed up, the 16-year-old boy had passed away with his Xbox One in his hands in the passenger’s seat.

The criminals eventually didn’t get the console. “They killed my son for nothing,” said the mother of Peluyera.

The boy was selling his Xbox One Elite console with a price of $250 to buy a new cell phone. He was also planning to attend the summer school, which would start on June 17. One day after Peluyera’s death, his driving license was also mailed back home, which added more pain to the broken heart of the mother. “Just watch your babies. Hold them. Tell them you love them everyday. Because I can never do that with mine again.”

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Johnny Peluyera and his mother Kelly Arroyo

There are several precedents in the past for a person to be killed by someone they met on the Internet while selling or buying a gaming console. In 2018, New Jersey-based Danny Diaz-Delgado was murdered when he tried to purchase a PlayStation 4 console for his brother. Regarding this matter, the police have stated that the activities of buying or selling items should be taken in public to prevent such tragedies from happening the future again, noting that the safest place would be the parking lot of a police station.

The suspects in the case of Peluyera are unknown for the time beings, but the police described the pair as two black men who are in about the late teens the to early 20s, wearing hoodies (one was gray, and the other was black) with basketball shorts.