Avi Schiffmann is a 17-year-old  boy from Seatle, who created one of the biggest COVID-19 tracking sites in the world. But when he received an advertisement offer that went up to $8 million, he turned it down immediately before even telling his mom, explaining that he still wanted to be a normal teenager and play video games with friends.

Covid 19
Avi Schiffmann, a 17-year-old boy, created one of the biggest coronavirus tracker sites in the world

He created nCovV019.live all the way back in December 2019, when no one was even aware of the virus yet. The main goal of the website was to provide an easy way for people to track facts and figures about this pandemic without having to follow all kinds of websites. When you enter the website, the first thing you see will be Quick Facts such as Total Cases, Total Deceased, Total Serious, Total Recovered. And then you can go to specific regions and countries in the world for more details.

He has been programming for a decade but he has only been doing web development for a few months. So he actually was learning and making this website at the same time. At first, the website only has the number of cases and dead people but then he wanted people to have more hope and faith so he added the numbers of people recovered and a vaccine tracker.

The site blew up as the coronavirus started to spread more around the world and there are around 30 million visits on the site now. Of course, he received lots of emails offers to put ads on his website as well with one offer that went up to $8 million. Explaining his decision to turn down an $8 million offer, he said he didn't care much about money and jokingly added: “I’ll just retire now but I don’t want to retire at 17”.

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