Avi Schiffman, a 17-year-old teenager, has procrastinated over school work to focus more on his own application that is developed to track Coronavirus. His app has now been one of the most visited COVID-19 tracking applications in the world. His current work is allegedly occupying 100% of his free time.

Temporarily Stop Studying To Develop Coronavirus Tracking App

The Coronavirus tracking app of Avi Schiffman is known as a synthesis website that collects all kinds of information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic anyone of us wants to know. This site updates the data of cases, deaths, recoveries, as well as the rate from countries across the world. The database derives from WHO, CDC, and websites of the global governments.

17yo Developer Coronavirus Tracking Site
Avi Schiffman - the guy who built a website to track Coronavirus.

The site often gets updated with new improvements, such as how to calculate the rate of survivors. It also shows the number of cases on a map and websites providing Coronavirus news and information. Suggestions about hand sanitizing and the list of symptoms are involved.

Schiffman has planned to keep running his app until the pandemic is over. He wants to continue developing and adding more new improvements given that the website maintains operation. When life returns to normal, he will take the server down and may turn it into a website that focuses on comparing the COVID-19 to the Spanish flu or SARS. He thinks his website will probably become a historical part of this pandemic and people can re-watch anytime.

Although Schiffman is proud of what he has done, he doesn’t want to make use of the Coronavirus pandemic to gain fame.

He also revealed his hope saying that WHO should carry the pressure on developing such tools. Although it was obvious that everyone wants to get the latest data, the responsibility shouldn’t be taken by any kid.

Survival Rate Calculator
Survival Rate Calculator - one of the latest features on his website.

It is definitely a huge responsibility. Schiffman had to wake up till 7 am to fix an error on the dashboard. It has taken him hundreds of hours to develop this website. Even he didn’t have any sleep for 50 hours straight.

The Coronavirus tracking website seems to take up all of his daily. Schiffman also added that he was willing to take responsibility. As revealed by this 17-year-old teenager himself, he wasn’t a good high school student at the time his website became popular. He was even absent at school for two weeks to concentrate on developing the website.

There are always lots of visitors across the world to access the website every day. That sounds cool, but Schiffman, in fact, has no time to notice such figures. If he sleeps while there is an error on the website, he must be covered by hundreds of thousands of messages after his wake-up.

Survival Rate Calculator

The Boy Just Wants To Focus On His Own Project And Coding

It takes as no surprise that Schiffman has got some offers to add ads on his website when the Coronavirus tracking website has welcomed about 3 crores visitors per day and 70 crores views to date. In particular, he refused to sell his site for $8 million (about Rs 60.7 crore) for an offer that hopes to keep up his site. Schiffman believed that he could earn more than $30 million (about Rs 227.6 crore) if he put his own ads on the site, but the site isn’t born to do this.

Tracking Covid 19

Schiffman said that he doesn’t want to become a profiteer and doesn’t need $8 million. He also doesn’t want ads to cover the user interface – that will be no longer under his control if he decides to sell the website. Additionally, he doesn’t want to maintain the website or change something on the site in the way he disagrees.

Schiffman further said lots of people in the world have experienced unstable network connectivity. If ads are added, the website load speed must get slow down and users may be unable to access the website. That’s why he created a donation button on his website, although it hasn’t collected $8 million.

Schiffman has had lots of great plans for his own life. Until now, he has got some appealing job offers, including one from Microsoft, but he has no intention to accept a job at present. Moreover, he also wants to pursue his own project and keep coding day after day.

He has paid more attention to some relationships he gains from his projects. As revealed by himself, Schiffman has known lots of foundations and investors. If he wants to start his own startup career tomorrow, they may at least notice his business plan.

One of his most attractive connections comes from Cloudflare, a security company in the United States. Schiffman has used this company’s product to protect his website from DDOS attacks. Accordingly, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince sent him a message on Twitter, and then, the company sent him Cloudflare shirts.

Schiffman said he hoped to have a talk to Bill Gates because he has paid special attention to the intersection between technology and public health.