Playing games is one of the most popular recreations in self-quarantine time during coronavirus outbreak. But playing game days and nights without resting your eyes will be dangerous and harmful to your eyes like the girl in this story.

21-Year-Old Girl Damaged Her Eyes In Mobile Games

A 20-year-old girl stays home for self-quarantine during coronavirus pandemic and spends most of her time playing games on her mobile phone. She was nearly haunted by getting the victory. But she failed in protecting her health.

Chinese Girl Got Blind Due To Using Smartphone Pla
Chinese girl got blind due to using smartphone playing game for hours

The doctor concluded that this Chinese girl was permanently blind. Unless there is a miracle, she will definitely live in dark. During the time she stayed home for self-quarantine due to coronavirus outbreak, the girl was sticking to her phones.

She kept chatting with friends, playing games, and soaking in many interesting apps on the phone. Moreover, this girl didn’t take her eyes off the phone screen even at late night. She still stayed up late and used smartphones in a dark room.  

She Also Used Mobile Phone In Dark Room
She Also Used Mobile Phone In Dark Room

A few days after, she felt like there was a black curtain covering her eyes. However, no matter how hard she tried to wash and rub her eyes, the situation did not improve. Realizing that her eyes got tired after a long time staring at the screen, she bought eye drops without consulting doctors.

However, after two days using the eye drops, she saw no positive result. Then, she decided to see a doctor who concluded that she got permanent blind due to retinal detachment. The girl definitely regrets playing games and using the smartphone too much without taking care of her eyes.

She Was Addicted To Mobile Games
She Was Addicted To Mobile Games Too Badly

Her story teaches us a lesson that we shouldn’t play games without resting. Our eyes are very important and also vulnerable. So, turn off your devices and let your eyes rest enough.