Just recently, a 21-year-old female citizen in Albuquerque city, New Mexico State, USA, got shot, and she has passed away. The reason for murdering her was because she and her boyfriend became the witness of a robbery at night. At that moment, the two people were just walking around while playing Pokémon Go near Bianchetti Park.

The victim of this shooting has been confirmed by the local police. Her name was Cayla Campos, 21 years old. Around 11.50 pm on October 18th, Cayla Campos and her boyfriend (his name is Sidney) were walking around and playing Pokémon Go near Bianchetti Park when they saw a wild robbery happing close to their location.

Police Investigate Robbery Tied To Overnight Shoot
The 21-year-old victim Cayla Campos

When the incident happened, Cayla Campos and Sidney were just walking right outside their car. But when they saw two dangerous strangers approaching the driver of another car, they immediately got back into their car. That man parked his car right outside the edge of Bianchetti Park, and he was just right outside his car. When the two men approached that man, the situation got intense, so Cayla Campos and Sidney decided to drive away.

Cayla Campos Murdered Pokemon Go
Cayla Campos was murdered while she was playing Pokémon Go

However, the two dangerous men saw the running away car, and they fired a lot of shots into the car of Cayla Campos and Sidney. Cayla Campos got shot in the back of her head, and that made the car crash into a house nearby.

Cayla Campos was transported to the UNM Hospital at once, but her injuries were so severe that she passed away.

The death of Cayla Campos is a strong reminder for all Pokémon Go players in the world. Pokémon Go is a great game, but you have to take into serious consideration about your playing locations. There are many dangerous neighborhoods where you should not be there at night. This heartbreaking incident has been reported on the message boards of Pokémon Go so that other gamers of this game can be aware of the danger they may face while playing Pokémon Go.