A German man almost fainted when he learned that he had bought 28 Tesla cars by mistake and that his debt reached $1.7 million, equivalent to Rs 12.7 crores.

Man Accidentally Bought 28 Tesla Model 3 Got A Huge Debt

It turns out that a German citizen wanted to buy a new car and chose a Model 3, taking advantage of the VAT reduction offered in Germany due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But when entering the website to make the purchase, an error occurred in the process, so the man tried again, and tried again, and again, and again, adding up to 28 times.

When the man's son went to help his father, he discovered that the 28 attempts resulted in the purchase of 28 Tesla Model 3 cars, for a total value of $1.7 million, which converts to about Rs 12.7 crores.

Originally posted on Reddit, the German wanted to cancel all orders, but Tesla's policy specifies that the advance payment of $120 dollars (Rs 10,500) that must be made for each car is non-refundable, so he would still lose more than $3,000, or Rs 2.6 lakh.

"TL;DR: Website goofed when ordering a Tesla. Ordered 27 instead of just one, 52k euro each, total price of 1.404.000 euro. Canceling the order costs 100 euro, thats exactly 2700 euro we have to pay on top because we messed up," said the Reddit post.

As a last measure, the man decided to call the customer service of the American automaker. He made his case and the company helped him cancel the 28 orders without charging him a single euro, so he was able to place a new order without any problem.

Some of the replies to the original poster are not lacking in terms of humor as the situation itself either. Here are some of them:

  • "Could have been worse, could have been a bunch of nissans"
  • "I'll take one off your hands😉"
  • "Tweet at Elon musk on Twitter and I'm sure he'll probably refund your 2700 Euros"

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