Do you have a child? If the answer is yes, you may at least once fall into an embarrassing or odd situation caused by your little angel. And that’s exactly what Emily Schmitt from Ohio has just experienced. Accordingly, a two-year-old girl accidentally sent a naked photo of her mom to her contacts including past fellow agents, friends from university, and even her clients.

Naked Photo

Emily Schmitt, aged 30, from Ohio, has a habit to let her little daughter Carysn play with her phone while she is drying her younger newborn’s hair. However, Emily may underestimate how naughty Carysn is, leading to her awkward and partly hilarious situation: The little girl took some photos of her mom changing her clothes and sent them to her mom’s Snapchat contacts.

It was obvious that Emily had no idea about what had just happened until one of her colleagues sent a message to thank her for her naked photo. The mom immediately checked Snapchat and discovered that her daughter sent her naked photo to up to 15 people.

Carysn - a two-year-old daughter of Emily.

Emily may feel very embarrassed at that time. She said that when opening Snapchat, she realized that there were up to 15 receivers and they were all who she didn’t talk to a lot. They included her past clients and fellow agents.

It was lucky that Carysn just sent the photo on Snapchat. That means the photo would then disappear automatically. Emily also sent a sorry to those who received her naked photo and felt happy about her daughter uploading on Snapchat, instead of Facebook.

Mom Daughter
It's lucky that Carysn didn't send the photo on Facebook or other social networks.

The mom then decided to tell her story on social networks and rapidly learned that she was not the only parent to get this awkward experience. Many also said that they used to appear nude in front of the whole world when their little angels accidentally press the Facebook Live button!

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