The female streamer in question is Yuki Han, also known as Han So Young. She was born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea.

Yuki Han now works as a popular streamer on Afreeca TV. With her sweet and young beauty, it’s not surprising that she captures many hearts on the Internet without any difficulty. Apart from her job in the streaming community, she is a fashion businesswoman and a model for her own clothing store.

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It's hard to believe that she is now 38.

She graduated School of Communication & Design at Hongyi University, Seoul, South Korea. Yuki Han was known as one of the promising bachelors at that time.

A perfect figure, doll-like face, and sexy breasts, Yuki Han has rapidly drawn a lot of attention on the Internet since the very first moments of her streaming career. While many streamers rise to fame and then disappear from the challenging streaming world, she has gained much popularity. Each of her Instagram photos has received millions of likes and comments from fans.

Yukia Han is said to have the most beautiful natural breasts in Korea after this female streamer denied the rumor saying that her big breasts were the product of cosmetic surgeries.

In the past, she revealed that she has had a happy marriage. At the age of 38, Yuki Han has made her colleagues and netizens admirable due to her young and hot beauty. Even when she appears in a modest dress, her breast size still makes a powerful impression on others.


Yuki Han rose to fame on the Internet after photos of her on a subway station went viral on many forums across Korea. Although she doesn’t have any outstanding talent and reveal a lot about her daily life, she successfully becomes popular on social networks. She is also listed on the top 5 sexiest and most beautiful streamers in East Asia.

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